POLICE Ė Arrested
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Friends Presents The Music Of The Police

1. Overature (mix of multiple songs)
2. De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
3. Released/Every little thing she does is magic
4. Roxanne
5. Truth Hits Everybody
6. Arrested
7. Message In A Bottle
8. Invisible Sun
9. Walking On The Moon
10. Donít stand so close to me/Finale

The Police - Hatfield Polytechnic, England 2/20/1979 A

1. Fallout
2. Hole In My Life
3. Truth Hits Everybody
4. Message In A Bottle
5. Peanuts Jam
6. Roxanne
7. Next To You
Tracks 8-12 The Who, Tracks 13-15 Eric Clapton

The Police - Not In The Box (various tracks) A

1. Truth Hits Everybody (remix from Dutch Single)
2. Roxanne (backing tracks only from Japanese Single)
3. Every Breath You Take (backing tracks only from Japanese Single)
4. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (Spanish Version)
5. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (Japanese Version)
6. Don't Stand So Close To Me (remix)
7. Voices Inside My Head (classic mix)
8. Voices Inside My Head (E Smoove mix)
9. Can't Stand Losing You (live)
10. Roxanne (live)
11. Man In A Suitcase (live)
12. Don't Stand So Close To Me (live)
13. Wrapped Around Your Finger (live)

The Police - Lost BBC Studio Tapes 78'-79'

1. Next To You
2. Roxanne
3. Truth Hits Everybody
4. So Lonely
5. Interview
6. Message In A Bottle
7. The Bed's Too Big Without You
8. Can't Stand Losing You
9. So Lonely
10. Fallout
11. The Bed's Too Big Without You
12. Message In A Bottle
13. Roxanne
14. Walking On The Moon
15. Death Wish
16. Bring On The Night
17. No Time This Time

Tracks 1-4 BBC Studio Session 78'
Tracks 5-7 Capital Radio Session 78'
Tracks 8-13 BBC Paris Theatre, London 79'
Tracks 14-16 Festival Hall, March 81'
Track 17 Unknown Live 79'

THE POLICE - Ghost In The Studio
(Demos from Ghost In The Machine - B-, a few pops, VERY RARE!)

1. Secret Journey
2. Spirits In the Material World
3. Invisible Sun
4. Too Much Information
5. One World (Not Three)
6. Hungry For You
7. Invisible Sun
8. Secret Journey
9. Don't Believe Me Baby
10. Don't Think We Could Ever Be Friends
11. Don't Look At Me
12. It's Never Too Late
13. Daytime Job

I shall be released 5 - A

1. In the wee small hours (with Chris Botti)
2. You were meant for me (New York version)
3. I need you like a hole in my head
4. She walks this earth
5. My funny friend and me
6. One day she'll love me
7. Windmills of your mind
8. Muss I denn
9. Jump up behind me
10. You don't know what love is
11. Round midnight
12. Terre d'oru
13. Crazy
14. Don't walk away
15. Mountain Hare Krischna
16. Morning
17. I want it that way
18. Don't stand so close to me
19. Desert rose/Roxanne medley (From Super Bowl)
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