ROLLING STONES - London Years Rarities

1. Memphis Tennessee (early BBC track)
2. Roll Over Beethoven (early BBC track)
3. Da Doo Ron Ron (early Mick Jagger)
4. Blue Turns To Grey (early B-side not used)
5. Route 66 (Chess Studio Outtake)
6. Cops and Robbers (SUPER rare!) (Chess Studio Outtake)
7. You Better Move On (Chess Studio Outtake)
8. Mona (Chess Studio Outtake)
9. Tell Me Baby (Chess Studio Outtake)
10. Look What Youíve Done (Chess Studio Outtake)
11. Stewed & Keefed (Brianís Blues) (Chess Studio Outtake)
12. Meet Me In the Bottom (Chess Studio Outtake)
13. Iím Movin On (from Got Live If You Want It EP)
14. Iím Alright (from Got Live If You Want It EP)
15. Fanny Mae (65í BBC Track)
16. The Last Time (Stereo Mix)
17. Play With Fire (Stereo Mix)
18. Satisfaction (Stereo Mix)
19. Get Off Of My Cloud (Stereo Mix)
20. Con Le Mie Lacrime (As Tears Go By in Italian)
21. 19th Nervous Breakdown (Stereo Mix)
22. Lookiní Tired Aftermath outtake
23. Paint It Black (Stereo)
24. Mothers Little Helper (Stereo)
25. Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadows (Stereo)
26. Child Of The Moon (Orig Vinyl Version Ė CD was remixed)
27. Honky Tonk Woman (Stereo)
28. Let It Rock (1971 Live Leeds University)

ROLLING STONES Ė various rarities (A)
Tell Me Disc 1

1. Everyone Needs Somebody To Love/Pain In My Heart (Got Live If You Want It)
2. Route 66 (Got Live If You Want It)
3. Iím Movin On (Got Live If You Want It)
4. Iím Alright (Got Live If You Want It)
5. Tell Me (withdrawn version from first British LP, first pressing only)
6. Memphis (BBC track)
7. Poison Ivy (early single withdrawn)
8. Blue Turns To Grey (Alternate Take)
9. 2120 South Michigan Ave. (long version)
10. Beautiful Delilah (BBC track)
11. Roll Over Beethoven (BBC track)
12. Around and Around (BBC track)
13. I Wanna Be Your Man (single & Beatles cover)
14. If You Need Me (BBC)
15. Down In The Bottom (Chess Studio outtake)
16. Stoned Early (EP track)
17. High-Heeled Sneakers (Chess Studio outtake)
18. I Canít Be Satisfied  (BBC)
19. Fanny Mae (BBC)
20. Reelin and Rockin (Chess Studio outtake)
21. I Just Want To Make Love To You (early live in London)
22. Little By Little (early live in London)
23. Iím Movin On (early live in London)
24. Down the Road Apiece (early live in London)
25. And Mr. Spector & Mr. Pitney Came Too
26. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (early live in London)

Tell Me Disc 2

1. Tell Me (short version, German mono first LP, different lyrics & no Keith solo)
2. Tell Me (long version, first pressing English LP, extended Keith solo)
3. Tell Me (UK standard version, longer Keith solo)
4. Tell Me ((US single version, shorter Keith solo)
5. Fortune Teller (unreleased version)
6. Let The Good Times Roll (rare stereo take)
7. Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadows? (promo)
8. Pay Your Dues (early version Street Fighting Man, different lyrics)
9. Jumping Jack Flash (rare video version)
10. Too Many Cooks (Jagger solo)
11. Memory Motel (Jagger solo demo)
12. Strictly Memphis (Dirty Work outtake)
13. Harlem Shuffle (Dirty Work outtake)
14. Sister Morphine (live Port Charles 98í)
15. Out Of Control (rare live promo)
16. Love Train (live Detroit)
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