TOM T. HALL – Greatest Hits Vol. III (OOP and never on CD before)

1. It’s All In The Game
2. Faster Horses (The Cowboy and The Poet)
3. I Can’t Dance
4. The Fastest Rabbit Dog In Carter County Today
5. Pinto The Wonder Horse Is Dead
6. Hang Them All
7. Your Man Loves You, Honey
8. Turn It On, Turn It On, Turn It On
9. Over The Rainbow
10. Fox On The Run
11. She Gave Her Heart To Jethro
12. Shoeshine Man
13. The Balled Of Bill Crump
14. A Bar With No Beer
15. Magnificent Music Machine
16. Spokane Motel Blues
17. More About John Henry
18. Who’s Gonna Feed Them Hogs
19. A Week In A County Jail
20. Homecoming
21. I Love
22. Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine
23. The Year That Clayton Delaney Died
24. Pay No Attention To Alice
25. Second Handed Flowers
26. I Like Beer
27. Goin’ Back To Texas (and be one more horse’s ass) – BOBBY BARE
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