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What I've been up to!  Click here to go to a page of links to sites I have created shoing trips, friends, and even a little of my childhood.
    Hello!  My name is Lynn.  I teach 6th grade language arts in central Georgia.  As crazy as it makes me, I love my job!  I love the subject area and the grade level I teacher (that's the part that makes me crazy - who voluntarily works with adolescent hormonal girls?).  I am still looking for an all-night, all-boys school for me to work at.  That would be ideal!
     I lead a very simple life, and I like it that way. On this page you will find links to other pages I like or have created about things that are important to me: family, friends, good times, entertainment, and my pets.

I don't have kids, except the four-legged, furry kind - and that will keep me happy for now. I'll wait until I meet someone special enough to make me change my mind for the two-legged kind. My animals mean the world to me.  Great thing about pets vs. kids - I can spoil them rotten and not have to worry about sending them into the world well-adjusted.  If you don't like my "kids" - go home.
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