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  Name __________________________________________________     Birthdate ____________________

  Street Address _________________________________________________________________________

  Town, State, Zip Code ___________________________________________________________________

  Home Phone _______________________________     E-Mail ___________________________________

  In the fall of 2004, I will be a highschool
  _____ freshman, _____ sophamore, _____  junior, _____ senior, or _______________________________.

Return this form with a VHS video of your song to                                  E-Mail for more information.
  IFYR National Anthem Singer Search
  1500 Whispering Oak
  Tecumseh  OK  74873

Tapes must be received in the office by July 9, 2004 in order to schedule singers. 


   We are looking for National Anthem singers for each performance of the International Finals Youth Rodeo.  This is your opportunity to sing in front of large crowds in a professional setting.

   If you love to sing, love HUGE crowds, are in highschool or a recent graduate  and are NOT afraid of heights, send us your information.  Contestants of the 2004 IFYR will be given first choice of time slots.

   Send a video tape by July 9 of your rendition of the anthem you wish to sing.  It need not be "fancy"... just show me you know the words and the tune!

World's Richest Youth Rodeo

Be part of rodeo's tradition and pagentry!
  You must wear boots, jeans, long sleeved shirts and a western hat.  Yes, it will be HOT, so you'll have to "cowboy up"!  You and one escort will receive free admission to the performance in which you sing.  If your escort wishes to come to the tower instead of watching from the grandstands, they must also wear "official dress".
Print out form below.
! ! ! SINGERS ! ! !
Name                                                                                      Date
I have read the above and realize there is no pay or reimbursement of any kind.  It is strictly voluntary and there is no liability to the IFYR, City of Shawnee or Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce.  I understand that I must wear a western hat, boots, and long sleeves in order to appear before the public.
Click HERE for map and directions.