Lucena Association of Southern California
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The LASC story is about men and women who set out to do something and got it done. It is also the story of wish-craft and the lesson that can be learned when people go on beyond just wishing. It is the story of a "barkadahan" whose camaraderie can be traced as far back as their college days in our old hometown. They wished there were a bigger group that would take care of a project that would bring Christmas cheers to our less fortunate brothers back home. It is the story of three men who were not even nodding acquaintances back home, but who became instant jogging buddies here in L.A. together, they thought it would be nice to have a bigger group of people doing physical fitness stuff and other better things besides. It is the story of Filipino "yuppies" in the San Fernando Valley who, even then, had their own semblance of an association with their own "governor" and "mayor". It is the story of men and women who have seen several attempts at putting up an association of Lucenahins in this area. Their inputs, mostly derived from their experiences, helped in shaping the future of the association. It is the story of those who watched from the sidelines and waited for developments at the same time that they were tossing in words of encouragement and warming our hearts with their pledge of support for the ultimate outcome- the formation of long overdue Lucena association in this part of the United States. You see the LASC story is not just one story. It is many stories, and these stories tell of people and visions as well as of camaraderie and selflessness. From the very first potluck picnic meeting at the Whittier Narrows Park and the first major event at the Heritage Park and on to the first potluck picnic/election at the Pan Pacific Park, not person nor can one group claim the honor of singly putting this thing together. Everyone who was there from the start, pitched in. And every single one of us counted. Those few formative months should be able to give us a clear vision of the association-one year,two years, several years from now ---- The bigger picture will not be marred by petty differences; The group cohesion will not disintegrate with any grandstanding or ego-feeding; And the objectives of the group will always serve as our compass as we push on through the many years ahead of us. 

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