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The Year is 1931.  This is an era of time that many did not experience.  I was born in that year, and thought I would share with you what life was like.  There is a great difference in that period of time, and today.  Many things have changed greatly since then.  Enjoy a walk with me back in time.
Here are some events that happened throughout the world
Spain becomes a republic with the overthrow of King Alfonso XIII

British Parliament enacts the Statute of Westminster,
legalizing dominion equality with Britain

Mukden Incident begins Japenese occupation of Manchuria

The planned capital of New Delhi opens in India

Scottsboro trial begins, exposing depth of Southern Racism

The Star Spangled Banner officially becomes the National Anthem

Nearly 30,000 TV sets in the United States, 9,000 of them in New York City alone

The Empire State Building is completed

General Motors Frigidaire makes refrigerators safe for household use

Ganster Al Capone sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion (freed in 1939, dies in 1947)

The unemployment rate was 16.3%
Cost of Postage was 2 cents
Gangster Al Capone
1931/32 Ford Hi-Boy
1932 Ford Roadster
1931 Ford Sedan
Births in 1931, of Important People
Robert Duvall........1/5
Charles Nelson Riley........1/13
Sam Cooke.......1/22
Boris Yeltsin........2/1
Rip Torn.......2/6
Leonard Nemoy.....3/26
Deaths in 1931, of Important People
Knute Rockne........3/31
Thomas Edison.......10/18
Tyrone Power Sr......12/23
Marriages of "noted" people in 1931
Amelia Earhart and George Putnam......2/7
Clark Gable and Maria Franklin Printiss Lucas Langham
Walter Pidgeon and Ruth Walker......12/12
George Washington Bridge   1932/NYC
Stockyard Lunch Room
Chicago Coliseum 1931
Picture of Goofey as he appeared in 1931
Acadamy Awards,,,,Some of these Movies went on to become classics of today
Best Picture...............Grand Hotel
Best Actor in Leading Role......Wallace Beery inThe Champ
and Fredric March in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Best Actress in Leading Role.....Helen Hayes in The Sin of Madelon Claudet
Best Director....Frank Borzage in Bad Girl