Hi and welcome to my place here at internet.Here I will try to have some updated info about me(241266) and my family.As you may already know I live by time in the middle of Norway near by the city of Trondheim.Where I moved to from Bergen in February 1999 when I met this beautiful girl Kristin(270468)and since we wanted to spend our life together we decided to get married on the 7 of September 2002 in Bakke kirke here  in Trondheim.Together we have three beautiful kids Lisa (260898) Erika (020800) and finally Simen (101101).
And to tell about my radio carrier I started up in 1979/80 with a small handheld Zodiac it was soon to be replaced by a base station which I don`t remember the name of and a balcony 6 antenna I think I had this untill 1987 when I lost interrest for cbradio`s and decided to pack it down.I found the interrest again in 1997/98 and bought an Alan 87 which I had for a month or two before I bought the rig I have today an
older Yaesu 757.
Bilder Kreta 2001
Bilder Erika Marie
Bilder Lisa
       RSN Frekvenser
          27505 USB-LSB
            27425 USB-LSB

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