Shinjuku, Tokyo - I miss it!
"To be or not to be a piss artist, that's the question!" inspired by Hamlet - prince of Denmark
Welcome to my homepage.

My name is Lasse Thestrup, and I am a 23 year old student. I just returned home after a year in Japan. I went Keio University, one of Japans most famous universities. I will get back to that point later, probably including a link to another webpage! (for further unauthorized information LINK)

Well, I am back in Denmark, and trying to adapt to Danish buses and trains (always late) as well as having to cook myself (no easy and cheap places like yoshinoya and matsuya) as well as now I can freely express my opinions about the world in general and all the problems I see in this world (just think about mr. Bush - alcoholic and president!)

This page is my first try to make a webpage, so please forgive me for any mistakes or if its just plain boring. I intend to develop this page further. I hope that I can include pictures, guest book, offer comments about the world in general and in particular Japan, and other things I feel is worth mentioning. I think I better tell visitors to my webpage that nothing on this page should be taken too seriously, it's only made for fun .

Comments or suggestions are welcome.


updated 24-10-02
Sumidagawa Fireworks 2002
View of Tokyo 2002
The world according to ......
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Name: Lasse Thestrup
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