Lassie Rowan Gamwich's And Frances Barratt's
"Middle-Earth Fanfiction Page"
- A Washerwoman's Tale-
By Lassie Rowan Gamwich
-Alone Amongst Many-
By Frances Barratt
Lassie Rowan Gamwich and Frances Barratt want to share their own Middle Earth stories with other fans of "Lord of the Rings". The authors have decided to leave the original untouched and write about the things that were not mentioned .They used the appendixes of the book and their own imagination. But with always in respect with the original story.
Therefore you can't find slash fanfiction here.
The photo's used are from New Line Cinema com.
The Celtic Artwork was taken from AON Celtic Art
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-Forever Friends-
By Frances Barratt
-Moving Home-
By Frances Barratt
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- A Fork In The Road-
By Frances Barratt
-Burying The Past-by Frances Barratt
-Transition- by Frances Barratt
-A Washerwoman' s Tale-Page 2
By Lassie Rowan Gamwich
-Forgotten Memories-by Frances Barratt
-Truth Will Out- by Frances Barratt
-Final Decisions- by Frances Barratt
-Fifty Years On- by Frances Barratt
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The Journal of Primula Brandybuck 1
The Journal of Primula Brandybuck 2
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