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Fredericksburg, Virginia
Volume I, Issue 2
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By: W.E.B. Masters

Richmond, Virginia - President Gallatin's selection for Vice President, Mr. Donald Clawson, was sworn in before a large and raucous crowd. The intensity of the moment brought the cheering crowd to sudden silence as the vice presidential nominee raised his right hand and took his Oath of Office.

The moment the Vice President finished his oath, another cheer rose up in the hall. Vice President Clawson then turned to the assembled onlookers, smiled, then raised his hands in a sign of victory.

Addressing the crowd, the vice president began his first official act, by introducing the newly elected Senators to the Congress of the Confederate States of America. After which, he said, "The time for action has come. Important decisions need to be made and you all are to play key roles in this process."

Upon completion of administering the Oath of Office, the new Senators and the Vice President entered the Senate chamber where moments later, the sharp crack of the gavel could be heard and the business of the country began in earnest.


This Paper Requests Interview

By: U.R. Lyon

Fredericksburg, Virginia - This newspaper requested an interview with Northern President Mathena this week, and as of this writing, no response has been received... not even a "go to Hell, Johnny!"

What is President Mathena afraid of? Editor-In-Chief Plecinski has told all of us to report the news, and if possible, get both sides in the story.

This paper is giving the Union president an opportunity to speak to the people of the South, through a Southern paper, not one of those Yankee rags we take to the outhouse.

President Mathena, grant the interview, unless it is your goal to take our nations to war!



The Rumors Are False!

By: R.J. Plecinski

Fredericksburg, Virginia - In a recent article in CWOL News the statement "this edition has been cleared by CSA Secretary of Information for publication" gave the impression that there was some sort of censorship occurring within the borders of the CSA. I will state for the record, that there is no censorship taking place. Let me be absolutely clear on this so even a New Yorker can understand, there IS - NO - CENSORSHIP taking place.

The Old Dominion Herald is a very new newspaper. This being only the second edition in its history. Being new, we do not have the luxury at this time to hire high dollar yellow journalists like Union newspapers can. With the new, young, talent spreading their journalistic wings, I felt it necessary to get their stories reviewed.

I made the decision, because a Grand Uncle of mine was killed by the Red Coats during the Revolution. Some Tory newspaper got wind of his regiment's movements and printed the story with enough time to allow British forces to mass along the road. The regiment was nearly destroyed. My Grand Uncle was one of the unlucky ones.

As Editor-In-Chief of The Old Dominion Herald, I would be appalled if a story printed in my paper lead to the demise of even one of the brave soldiers preparing to go into harm's way. I am equally sure that if one of my editors or reporters wrote a story leading to the loss of any of our troops, they would be appalled as well.

The submission of the paper to the Secretary of Information was neither ordered nor requested.

R.J. Plecinski



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