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June 2nd, 2002!!!

Pat Judge has joined the band as a rhythm guitarist! He's going to be a great addition to the band and we're glad to have him with us.

Due to family problems, Last Place wasn't able to record. They will be recording sometime in August at Bi-Fi Records in Ames. CD's can be pre-bought by emailing the band. The cost is $10 each.

Thank god school's out. LP has had a lot of fun this school year. Memories of Grimmace, the Hamburgler, the Femmullet, Gary, Lonnie, and Black Carl are still set in our minds. There were also some bad memories of the JV show, Mrs. Tharaldson and Mrs. Sass are also still there. Hopefully the 2002-03 school year is better than this year.

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Gary Oleson has left CHS forever. No one can understand the void that he has left. The band and some of their friends had fun with Gary after lunch, visiting his house, and all around making fun of him. Hats off to you Gary.
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Wow. This is scary. First off, I don't give a shit if he doesn't have a mullet or not, this is one ugly motherfucker. He has vampire teeth, wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt, and on had a rating of 4.5 out of 5! That's horrible. Well, at least he's happy being hideously ugly, but I don't think he's happy because he's gotten laid.
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