Weekly Events:
Meetings every Monday at 7:30pm in room 210 of the Student Center.
Opportunities to mingle with the local Kiwanians:
Tuesdays at 6:30am, Ramada Inn - Ruston Sunrise Kiwanis meeting.
Thursdays at noon, Ramada Inn - Ruston Kiwanis meeting.
Current Events:
We are finally getting our club t-shirts.  Click here to view the pdf file. Or click here to view the graphics. The pdf colors are more accurate. The shirts are free for dues-paying members.

Calendar of Events:

February 12, Thursday

* Art project with Kids Club! 4pm. Meet behind South Hall at 3:40pm to carpool.

February 14, Saturday
* Paint-a-Park and Poolhouse has been cancelled.

February 21, Saturday
* Divisional Rally! An afternoon for food and fun in Jena, LA for $5. Sign up if you are interested.

February 28, Saturday

* Habitat 4 Humanity! 8am-noon
* LSU's Black and White Mardi Gras Ball! Dress casual or formal, as long as it's black and white.
LA Tech Circle K | P.O. Box 3051 | Ruston, LA 71272
Special Olympics is April 16, and Missy needs help preparing for it. If you would like to be on her Special Olympics committee, you can contact her at mmb016@latech.edu or 257-2161.
We are taking nominations for next year's officer positions until March 22, when we will vote. If you are an official member, please be sure to attend our March 22 meeting! We need a certain number of official members present to have our elections.
Paint-a-poolhouse has been postponed because of the nasty weather. We'll let you know when we reschedule it.