Descendants of
George Washington Latham, Sr.
2004 Family Reunion
The George Washington Latham,Sr. 2004 Family Reunion was held on Sunday, July 4, at the Mike Miller County Park located in Benton, Kentucky.
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By all accounts, the 2004 Latham Reunion was a huge success. It was well attended with 83 persons present. The catered food was delicious, the accommodations were excellent, and the reunion site was perfect. It was wonderful to meet relatives for the first time and to get reacquainted with family members with whom we had lost touch or had not seen in years. To family members, who were unable to attend, your absence created a void that could not be filled. Your were acutely missed! Finally, a heartfelt thank you to Dad and Bettye for all of the time, effort and hard work that they put into the reunion. They both did an outstanding job and we appreciate their willingness to plan and put together the George Washington Latham, Sr. 2004 Family Reunion!
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It is with much love that I dedicate this web site to my father, C. Jay Latham (Clarence Jackson Latham, Jr.). His help in researching family history has been greatly appreciated. Oh, the fun of traveling down memory lane and the back roads of Kentucky. "Yes, Dad, two heads are better than one, as for the rest, we won't go there."
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