Suilad! Greetings!
Gil sila erin lu e-govaded vin!
A Star shines upon the hour of our meeting!

This is my semi-amateur LOTR costuming site, I hope you like it. I call it semi-amateur because I have been sewing for almost 4 years now, but haven't really made anything except simple patterned stuff. Nonetheless, here are my suggestions, instructions, and ad-libs on the movie costumes and some of my own designs.

My main inspirations are, of course,  Tolkien's unique cultures and Ngila Dickson's amazing costuming in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Movies. After seeing RotK, I decided I wanted to start doing my own designs. I found a really great site, [from now on will be referred to as ACS], and from there I have begun to plan out my costume schedule, along with additions of my own. I have even convinced my younger siblings and cousins to let me use them to practice fitting and drafting, and in return what they get are [hopefully] awesome costumes.  Well, look around, and enjoy yourself!

Silo Anor bo men lin!
May the Sun shine upon your road!


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13 October 2005 12:34 AM
Wow.. ok, I'm really REALLY bad at keeping up with what I start, hence this being the first update in more than a year and some months. Since last update I've turned 18, graduated high school and am now attending Loyola University Chicago. Well, now that I've given you my life story, I'm going to start some MAJOR re-vamping of the whole site...starting with gathering up all my old finished projects first. I'm working right now on doing Arwen's dream gown, but I've also got to finish that darned Requiem gown... SO MUCH BEADING.. hopefully as soon as I get out for Winter Break, but that's a long ways off, and Halloween's close, so... Dream Gown comes first - journal write up on that avaiable now! Well, that's that for now...
Namarie, Lath
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