Blessed Be Eleanore I could praise you ever more* Blessed be Eleanore open your heart's door* Oh pretty Eleanore!



  This is a website I made for my special friend Eleanore.. she didn't want her picture on it but she is very beautiful with long dark hair, rosy cheeks and a wonderful "Italian" smile.. and a talented craftsperson.. She lives in Virginia and she brought a hint of happiness into my life for a while when that was a very scarce commodity to me. I wrote songs and poems for her including "Blessed Be Eleanore" and "Thanks For Letting Me Pretend".. We may be writing songs together called "What's Said (Just Between The Lines)" and "The Knight From Callian" that our band Callian's Dream may record when they're ready.

  She said wanted stars, a castle and deer on her webpage.




Thanks for letting me pretend

There was someone the Universe did send

That maybe there was someone who cared

Who wanted a little time to share


I thought it was too good to be true

Anyone would have feelings for me anew

I travel the Trail of Broken Hearts so long

Thru the loneliness and sad songs


You let me imagine for a little while

Captivated by your kiss and smile

Saying how much you liked my embrace

A little happiness I had a taste


But then the days turned into weeks

Without the magic touch I did seek

And I knew it was only make believe

Infactuation with a fantasy


I wish that it could have been for real

You know how deep inside my heart feels

You're my Princess Bride with the magic kiss

Forever could I say 'As you wish'


The stars are still shining above

And I write my songs of lost loves

Thank you for letting me pretend

That there was someone who cared again

As you wish,





Callian's Dream


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