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Hey! Welcome to my awesome page. Comments or sugestions- email me. Oh and before I forget, sign my guest book!!!! N e wayz here are some shout outs.( If i left you off or want to be a part, give me a holler)

Stefanie- MonkeyBearWear, I swear there's a cat on my porch!!! REALLY!!!!!!! ::long pause:: :>\  huh?!? woot and weeee! woot woot!
Monica- can't wait til art! btw i can't believe that herman-booboo died~!! lol art 2 is da best! how's your man of liesure?
Bonnie- What time is it? It's time u faced the truth....ur blonde... Bunny, Ba, BaLa + Boonie!!! <3 La/ laba/ laurala. I told u 2 stop dying ur roots brown! oooo baby!!::chipunk laugh:: and isn't our creation story awesome!! dork nugget !! haha i have the copyright! yes i'm an oopa-loompa... but everyone of u is an oober! lol. fredina... hestitate! oh,  look at the special link for you, huby :) Good job ::hadshake::
June-JUNE!!!!! Band peeps are awesome! yes i'll buy some fruit.  GO BAND!

Tara- Stud Master wants to talk to you again sometime. TT...::snickers::Leprathy!! SthTD and let's not forget the liitle green men and the gummy bear stuck on the ceiling in the chem room. btw.. don't miss any chairs and throw drinks on people. my dearest twin! tweedle-dumb (me)+tweedle-stupid(u)= twinnie! >.< do the tara! Float! OMG your hamster bit me!! how are the poincaris? poor bebe. now say bye bye!
Kelly-WEHUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao now place the hands on the table and tell me the tables emotions! plez let me through!! uh oh, DUCK! and WEEEEEEEEEEEE.... gonads and strife... teen girl squad! Last step gonzalez, trust the process, the best is yet to come! ** btw SEARCH 105 was da bomb for all mah buds that went.** now how did those ppl get in our english class again? "sweet moves thomas"
Julie- Dildo and the threesome...duh-duh-duh-duuuuhh! lol God camp is the best. take care of Geraldine the green machine. (now deceased)

And for all of u that i couldn't fit (but you're just as important!!)

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