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ABC AUSTRALIA, 26/12/2003 07:14:47

Sweden yet to decide on Aceh case

Sweden has yet to decide whether to send a delegation of police and prosecutors to interview Aceh rebels in Indonesia.

Chief prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand says he has first to review documents that were handed over by Indonesien officials during a visit to Sweden last week.

Indonesia has delivered more than 1,000 pages in which they said there was new evidence linking Aceh separatists exiled in Sweden to terror acts in Aceh and other parts of Indonesia.

Mr Lindstrand says whether or not Sweden decides to send a delegation will depend on his review of the material.

His remarks came a day after Indonesien Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda stated that Sweden would send a delegation of police and prosecutors to the country.

Indonesia has asked Sweden to curb the activities of Free Aceh Movement leaders exiled in Stockholm.

26/12/2003 07:14:47 | ABC Radio Australia News
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