Latreian - loosely means priest in training.

A journey - a quick overview of my search to walk with the Creator.

I was baptized and raised as a Lutheran and attended 2nd - 8th grades in the  basement of the church my mother and I attended. After 8th grade I attended public school and began falling away from church and my walk with the Creator.

After several years I met a young woman and we lived together and began attending a local Lutheran church in which we eventually were married. We attended off and on for several years and my wife becomming more and more active in the education department (especially after our kids came along) but with me just sitting on the sidelines.

On June 1st 2001 I woke in many ways, I found a great need to know the Creator and I began studying and ended up with a few privately accredited degrees. I became a member of several groups and eventually became the Executive Bishop for a Lutheran synod and staff member for the Seminary for that same Lutheran synod.

Some of my studies lead me to research other religions and my outlook began to change. Things that maybe were always in the back of my mind for years kept coming forth and as I studied other thoughts also came forth.

I resigned my position as the Executive Bishop with that Lutheran synod and some of my associations while keeping some others.

I continue to study the christian Bible and seek knowldge from other sources.

No two people ever really travel the same path in life or on their spiritual journey. Our Paths may be overlapping or crisscross each others with the goals being the same but they are never the exact same. If my son and I are walking in the sand and he steps, step for step, in my tracks, they never will be the same.

The Rosicrucian Fellowship gives the example of people at different points around the base of a mountain and their unified goal is to make it to the top, none will use the same path.

May the Creator guide you on your own personal journey.