About Me

    This website will include some of my assignments I have done, and have done well at.  It will also include my heritage fair project, which I went to Regional Heritage Fair on May 6/05.

    My name is Lauren, I'm 13 and I live in  Saskatchewan. I like basketball, and badminton. I play the clarinet, know some piano, and someday I'd like to learn how to play guitar, and drums. My favorite colors are; lime green, hot pink, purple, orange, and electric blue. I'm also a Christian, and I have over a 90% average. My favorite bands/singers are; Hawk Nelson, Falling Up, TFK, FM Static, Flyleaf, Plumb, TobyMac, Switchfoot, and KJ-52  (to name a few). And my favorite season is summer, and my favorite subject is math.  And that is a little about me!