Links to Domestic Violence Resources
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The National Center for Victims of Crime
This website has excellent information about safety plan guidelines regarding domestic violence.

American Bar Association
This website for the American Bar Association offers information about domestic violence laws, as well as other information and links.

Parents of Murdered Children*
*POMC. This organization provides information and support to bereaved parents. Branches of POMC can be located by contacting this office of the national headquarters.

Domestic Violence Hotlines
Information provided by the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Domestic Violence Resource and Information Page
Excellent materials furnished by the Danvers, Massachusetts Police Department. While some of the information pertains specifically to residents of Danvers, and/or the state of Massachusetts, respectively, there is a large amount of the information that can be applied to domestic violence cases, in general.

To view some links to domestic violence resources in other countries, click here.

This candle burns in memory of my beloved daughter,
Lauren Elizabeth Hafford
February 17, 1977 ~ April 13, 1999

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