Lauren Is Her Name

Lauren Is Her Name

No one could ever take her place
Lauren is her name.
No one can ever bring her back
He's the one to blame.
Love they say 'tis long suffering,
I don't think that's what it meant.
He came for her with motive;
His mind hell's fury bent.

He touched her hair so beautiful
but not to stroke it's grace; no
I think as he shot her
He wanted to see her face.

He came when she was vulnerable
Like a black wind in the night,
He wasn't much a man at all;
She couldn't even fight.

She was talking to her sister
Her voice of love and light.
He couldn't stand her happy
To him it wasn't right.

It made the local papers
as all such terrors do;
She was now just a statistic
But not to me or you.

She sits upon the silver star
Hair blowing in the wind;
She is an angel in the void
But her name is still Lauren.

This candle burns, as always, for my beloved Lauren.

Written March 7, 2000
For My Friend Gwen
In Memory of Lauren
~~ by ~~
Kathalise Martin

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