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Poetry Page
Poetry Page

Poetry Page

Poetry Page

Help Fight Child Pornography and Abuse on the internet!
Thank you for visiting my home page. This site is dedicated to help Fight Child Pornography and abuse.
National Sex Offenders Index
Please take the time to fill out the short
"Australian National Sex Offenders Index Survey"
It's all about having your say and having the right to know!
What's New 

Hubertus VrinssenNew!
A south Australian pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his daughters. 
Child sexual abusers come in many forms, this is the story of one families tragedy.  

Poetry PageNew!
Take a Look at the new poetry page and meet our Guest Poet  Laryalee Fraser 
The Poetry Page includes links to other Poetry sites, Poetry Awards and an option to submit your own poetry or site. You can even submit a friends poetry or page.

Help pagesNew!                                             These pages contain information on child sexual abuse. If you know of an on line information service that you believe could help people, please email me or use the form on this page to let me know.

Awards                                         Awards you can apply for
Apply for one of my awards or have a look at the awards that I have received.

Poetry AwardNew!
You can now apply for the new poetry award.

Previous WinnersNew!                       Links to previous winners of my site and poetry awards. If you have received an award and you are not listed here, please let me know as I have lost a few of you. 

Dedication                                                          A tribute to my nephew who was killed in a car accident on the 14th of October 1999 at the age of 17

National Sex Offenders Index       Take the time to fill out this survey and have your say and let me know what you think. It's all about the freedom to know. 

About Me                                                       A look at my family and my views.

Quotes                                                          Some great quotes to live by. If you have any yourself. Please email me and let me know them.

Sexual AbusePoetry Page

For the Children                                        A little something to pass on in tribute to our children and to the child hood that was lost in some.

A Wish For You                                         A wish for love and happiness to pass along to your friends and loved ones.

Love To Spread Around                         A touch of love for your friends and loved ones.


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