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Welcome to Lisa's Little Corner of the Net!
All dressed up!
Welcome to my home on the Net! My name is Lisa.  I'm a home-owner, cat owner, and Tigger and Broadway lover. I got my BA in French at Rutgers University .  I am working on my MA in Industrial/ Organizational Psych at Fairleigh Dickinson University .  I also recently got married!! Click our link below (still under construction) and find out about Scott and me, and how perfect we are for each other! Unfortunately, my big brother, Jerry, passed away on August 13, 2002, 2 days after our wedding. On November 28, 2003 Scott & I were blessed with our beautiful daughter, Jacqueline Paige. Jackie was born 11 1/2 weeks early and spent the ifrst 6 weeks of her life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. We are thrilled tohave her home with us finally!

My pages are filled with many different things which all are a part of me! I have included links to the other pages I have created as well as links to some of my favorite sites that alreay exist. I hope you enjoy viewing my pages as much as I have enjoyed creating them!
And if you're wondering about all the purple you see, it's my favorite color!!
Among my many passions is my love for Broadway. I am especially crazy about the music of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and the melodic voices of Michael Ball, Sarah Brightman, and Michael Crawford. Below, you will find links to all of their official websites.
Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber
Michael Ball
Michael Crawford
Sarah Brightman
Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber
Michael Crawford
Sarah Brightman
Michael Ball
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My Original Pages
Please pardon our appearance while some pages are still under construction. Check back periodically for updates and new additions. Last updated 09/01/02.
My Family!
Queen's View
Our Family Trip to Scotland
My Family Page
Best Friends!
In Loving Memory
Memorial to Ari S. Wolov
Special Friends
Our Special Babies (our cats!)
Tigger loves to bounce!
Besides my love for Broadway and anything purple, I guess you can say I'm a tad bit obsessed with Tigger! There's just something about him and his energy to bounce all the time! Plus he's a cat and as a cat owner, it doesn't get any better than that!
We love mail!
Sign and View my guestbook
Sign and view my Guestbook
The kitty-kats and I love getting mail!!
Lisa & Scott Forever!
Lisa & Scott Forever!
In Memory of my Big Bro, Jerry!
Memorial to my Big Brother, Jerry.
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