"What happens if you don't fight him?"
"I die," she answered. "And the world dies around me, and there's only him."
- Deirdre & Aaron, p. 603

"Father dont you know what the rowan tree was and that it was used to ward off witched and all manner of evil? There's not a hut in Ireland where the woman of the house did not put up the rowan branch over the door to protect her family from witches and witchcraft, and that has been true throughout Christian times. Rowan is to be the name of this child!"

- Carlotta, p. 625

certain things are destined but they can be averted.

- Julien Mayfair, p. 449

"She leaned over close to me, so close that I could see the mascara on her long lashes, and the powder on her cheeks. She was like a great kewpie doll looking at me, a cinema goddess, naked in her gossamer silk."

- Arthur Langtry, 539

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