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Leah Joy Alba is a Senior Journalism student at the University of the Philippines -Diliman.

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About the Site

LJ's Points of View is LJ Alba's website for her Online Journalism Class
(J 117). This site is one of the requirements of J 117 under Prof. Danilo Arao. On this site, articles regaring issues -- from the mundane to the pressing ones -- shall be posted.

Journalism is not only limited to print, radio and television. As new alternative media emerge, journalists find themselves with more outlets for expressing their views and delivering their reports. The internet, for example, is a widespread medium that they have started to penetrate. Since more and more people access the web, the dissemination of information and public opinion has become faster -- depending on your bandwidth.

This is my attempt at web authoring. The layout may not be grand, but hopefully, the reader finds the contents informative and useful.

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