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LeanCast Pty. Ltd.

The Partner to deliver value in your Ingot Casthouse



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Ingot Caster Enhancement

·       Capital and Cost Savings

·       Ingot Casthouse Design

·       Project Implementation

·       Operations Support



LeanCast Pty.Ltd. is a new company in the Aluminium Industry.  It has been formed to bring together a team of technical, engineering and management professionals with equipment vendors that specialise in casthouses, particularly in ingot casting.  Although by definition a consulting firm, we offer more than advice, training and reports.  Our focus is on YOUR OUTPUTS, and we have the technology, experience and commitment to give you the best possible performance.



Text Box: The ingot casthouse is changing, RAPIDLY.
If you are not making breakthrough changes in terms of cost, reliability and safety, you are falling behind the competition.