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LEANDRO L. FULLON  (1873-1904)
Commanding General  for the Visayas
Philippine Revolutionary Army (Katipunan)
On September 6, 1898, General Leandro Fullon embarked on the gunboat Don Francisco
at Cavite to command Filipino revolutionary forces on the island of Panay. Together with
Generals Ananias Diocno and Martin Delgado, he led Filipino troops against Spanish forces
under General Diego de los Rios. When the Philippine Islands were ceded over to the United
States at the end of the Spanish American War, they continued to fight against American
troops commanded by Generals Marcus P. Miller and Robert P. Hughes.

Throughout the conflict, Fullon urged military leaders on the island to remain united and the
troops to adhere to the highest standards of discipline, integrity and patriotism. He sought to
resolve conflicts between the civilian government and the military leadership of Panay while
battling corruption and abuses of power in both sectors.

General Fullon was appointed provincial governor of Antique in 1901 and supervised the
census for the Visayas in 1903. He was born in Hamtik, Antique on March 13, 1873. He
died on October 16, 1904.

Everyone should endeavor to imprint the stamp of integrity on their actions.
--Leandro Fullon y Locsin, General Order, May 11, 1900  [original in Spanish,
signed document P.I.R., 977.2]

Soldiers: be always prudent, respectful and loving to the country in all your acts, and be an example of morality, subordination, discipline and obedience to your superiors, and avoid everything which may defame your conduct, fame and good military reputation, for if you do
so you will be blessed and applauded by cultured people, the present and future generations.

--Leandro Fullon y Locsin, Letter to Field and Line Officers, Non-commissioned
Officers and Soldiers, 2 June 1900 [original in Spanish L.S. P.I.R. 977.3]