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Level 2 - diploma for IT practioners:

Tutorial No.
Topics Covered
C - introduction
1 your first ever program - Hello World
2 declaring, variables, keywords, case sensitivness
3 declaring, constants, directives
4 input, output, conversion characters, gets, puts, scanf, printf - I/O
5 if.. else and else if - selection statements
6 logical operators - short summary
7 the switch() case statement
8 while loop, do..while loop, for loop - iteration statements
9 one dimensional arrays, string literals
10 strings, strcpy(), <string.h>
11 introduction to pointers
12 functions, function protytypes
syllabus of material above

Same tuorials as above, but written for those who find the tutorials here too easy to be bothered to read them. Go here if you are confident with the lessons above.

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Multiple Choice Questions
Alternatively, if you can't bother doing the assigments, you can try to answer these multiple choice questions and test your C skills as they grow.

reference - every keyword, library, function

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