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<stdio.h>        -        Input / Output

This header provides functions for text abd binary I/O and file operation. If you want a further explaination of the keyword - simply click on it.

         keyword                      summary

clearerr           Reset error indicators.
fclose              Close a stream.
feof                 Check if End Of File has been reached.
ferror              Check for errors.
fflush               Flush a stream.
fgetc               Get next character from a stream.
fgetpos           Get position in a stream.
fgets               Get string from a stream.
fopen              Open a file.
fprintf              Print formatted data to a stream.
fputc               Write character to a stream.
fputchar          Write character to stdout.
fputs               Write string to a stream.
fread               Read block of data from a stream.
freopen           Reopen a file using a different file mode.
fscanf              Read formatted data from a stream.
fseek              Reposition stream's position indicator.
fsetpos           Reposition file pointer to a saved location.
ftell                 Return the current position of the file pointer.
fwrite              Write block of data to a stream.
getc                Get the next character.
getchar           Get the next character from stdin.
gets                Get a string from stdin.
getw               Get the next int value from a stream.
perror             Print error message.
printf               Print formatted data to stdout.
putc                Write character to a stream.
putchar           Write character to stdout.
puts                Write a string to stdout.
putw               Write an integer to a stream.
remove           Delete a file.
rename           Rename a file or directory.
rewind            Reposition file pointer to the beginning of a stream.
scanf              Read formatted data from stdin.
setbuf            Change stream buffering.
setvbuf          Change stream buffering.
sprintf            Format data to a string.
sscanf            Read formatted data from a string.
tmpfile           Open a temporary file.
tmpnam         Generate a unique temporary filename.
ungetc           Push a character back into stream.


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