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Please select your desired level of study. Both the categories teach the same things however, they do it in different ways. The tutorials in the section for those who don't know any C are a little bit less technical and more understandable. The tutorials in the other section are more like detailed revision guides.


I don't know any C                                      
This section is for absolute beginners, for those who have no knowoledge of C what so ever and wish to study the language.

I know a little bit about C
This section is for those who know a little bit about C and wish more to recap on what they forgot or for those who have studied the earlier section and wish to get a little bit more detailed tutorials.

This section is for advanced users. The 32 standard keywords and 15 standard libraries. Navigate every function, library, keyword alphabetically or by function. Ths secion is currently under development and will be finished very shortly.

Message Board
Read any tutorial - don't understand it? Post your questions on the message board and wait for an answer - it's as easy as 1 2 3 .


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