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C Programming.com
This one is actually a quiet good site. Resources share from very popular and highly visited message boards to certain tutorials and lessons. This is a highly visited web site and a well built one too.
URL: http://www.cprogramming.com

Programmers heaven
This is also a very popular web site for prorammers. It has a lot of resources but it also quiet difficult to navigate across. This site is quiet a few restrictions on it, some of which got me banned from using that web site and it's message boards. Non the less, it is actually quiet resourcefull.
URL: http://www.programmersheaven.com

ANSI C Rational super hot
An explanation of the ANSI C standard.
URL: http://www.lysator.liu.se/c/rat/title.html#intro

C Programs for beginners super hot cool updated
Contains programs which can be really helpful to the beginners
URL: http://www.oocities.com/ctechzone

Infrequently Asked Questions super hot
Certain topics never (well, hardly ever) come up on this newsgroup. They are stupid questions, to which the answers are immediately obvious, but they would be more fun to talk about than these arcane details of loop control.
URL: http://www.plethora.net/~seebs/faqs/c-iaq.html

Nerd World C Programming super hot
A listing of C programming links.
URL: http://www.nerdworld.com/nw93.html

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