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1.    Write a for loop to print out the values of 1 to 10 on seperate lines.

2.    Write a for loop which will produce the following output (hint: use two nested for loops):


3.    Write a for loop which sums all values between 10 and 100 into a variable called total. Assume that total has NOT been initialized to zero.

4.    Write a for loop to print out the character set from A to Z.

5.    What is the difference between the two statements:

    a == 2
    a = 2

6.    Create a C program hich calculates the triangular number of the users request, read from the keyboard using scanf(). A triangular number is the sum of the preceding numbers, so the triangular number 7 has the value of 7+6+5+4+3+2+1 (same as a factorial in mathematics, e.g. factorial of 7 ---- !7).

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