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A+ Core Hardware Service Technician Exam Objectives

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DOMAIN 3.0: Preventive Maintenance

This domain requires the knowledge of safety and preventive maintenance. With regard to safety, it includes the potential hazards to personnel and equipment when working with lasers, high voltage equipment, ESD and items that require special disposal procedures that comply with environmental guidelines. With regard to preventive maintenance, this includes knowledge of preventive maintenance products, procedures, environmental hazards and precautions when working on desktop computer systems.

Content Limits

3.1 Identify the purpose of various types of preventive maintenance products and procedures and when to use them. Content may include the following:

  • Liquid cleaning compounds
  • Types of materials to clean contacts and connections
  • Non-static vacuums (chassis, power supplies, fans)

3.2 Identify issues, procedures and devices for protection within the computing environment, including people, hardware and the surrounding workspace. Content may include the following:

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and suppressors
  • Determining the signs of power issues
  • Proper methods of storage of components for future use
  • Potential hazards and proper safety procedures relating Laser
    • High-voltage equipment
    • Power supply
    • CRT
  • Special disposal procedures that comply with environmental guidelines
    • Batteries
    • CRTs
    • Toner kits/cartridges
    • Chemical solvents and cans
    • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) precautions and procedures
    • What ESD can do, how it may be apparent or hidden
    • Common ESD protection devices
    • Situations that could present a danger or hazard
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