Alexis's 1st Webpage

A learning experience for us all

I donno what to write about and I have absolutely no clue what I am doing...but my big sister Aleta  thinks it would be great for me to have a webpage. So I am warming up a little....bear with me.

Topics to be covered and links to be made:
Some homepages by close family (Dad and Aleta)
Some photos and other info about the lab I  work in...including some photos and autobiographical information.
I am in the UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham)  Honors Program . Check out the link!
Sea Monkeys (starring Fred; receiver of the Darwin Fitness Award 1999)
Pictures of some precious kitty kitties in our family
Some helpful links and books about  suicide and some photos of my late baby brother, the 19 year old, Walter.
My my! My Michael and his brother & sister-in-law's rescued  greyhounds , Naya and Nevada. They are VERY sweet and well-behaved indoor pets.
The anger about the name Alexis being baby name #7 in 1999.
curly hair club
Photos of my family, Christmas 1999
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