5. If  I choose to be a bird

    it would have to be a dove.

    They symbolize all I feel,

    true, devoted love

    For as long as I live, it will never die

    This feeling I have for you

    You are in my though everyday……

     …….in everything I do


6.Although I am not a great maestro

   one thing is for sure

   there is not a person in the world

   who could ever love you more,

   so when you hear the love song,

   about how good love can be,

   imagine every word that sung…..

   ……is just for you from me


7.When I wake I see the sunshine

   and right though out the day

   thoughts of you are with me

   and help me on my way

   It would really make me happy

   if you feel the same way too

   as I can’t think of nothing better…..

   ……….than to spend my life with you


8. To wake up in the morning

     and always see the sun

     no matter what the weather

     you are glad the day begun

     for there is a certain someone

     who makes the grey skies blue

     and in my case that someone….

     ……I am glad to say is you


9.If I had Cupid’s arrow

   I would aim it at your heart

   I would tell you that I love you….

   …..and that we should never par


10.You brought something unique

       and wonderful to my life…..



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