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This is your portal to the world on the web. This page will have new pages added on a regular basis. There is something for everyone at LeeZ World. Be sure to check my Top 20 Links page for sites from Tech help to Fun pages with games and jokes. Feel free to bookmark(Ctrl+D) your favorite pages for easy access and don't forget to add your favorite Links to the Free-for-All link page. Enjoy!!!!

LeeZ Electronics

This store was designed to provide a great shopping experience as well as my own selection of great products. Please feel free to browse the store or find exactly what you would like with my handy search functions. You can shop with confidence because my store offers you the secure credit card transactions and excellent customer service of Vstore.com.

LeeZ FREE Greeting Cards Page

This site has FREE E-greeting cards that you can send to anyone with internet access. We have cards for your special occasions, so give it a try.

Send an Internet Greeting Card
Enter Card ID Number to
Pickup Your Greeting Card

LeeZ Free-for-All Link Page

This page is for everyone to add their links. Put your homepage link or any other of your favorite links that you want to share with everyone that comes to LeeZ World. It's easy and FREE!!! Click here

LeeZ Daily Cartoon Page

Get a new cartoon everyday. This would be a page to bookmark(Ctrl+D). A new cartoon each day for you to enjoy and you can send it to your friends too. Click here

LeeZ Bush Poll Page

Give President Bush a grade on the job he's doing. There's 6 Questions with grades from A thru F. A fun page where you can vote or check results anytime. Click here

LeeZ Top 20 Link Page

My top 20 links for everyone. I have links from sports to games. There's something for everyone so check it out and have some fun.

LeeZ Weather Page

Come here for your weather information. I have radars, forecasts and satalite images. Great for the southeast region or use your zipcode and get your local weather.

LeeZ Personal Homepage

This is my page with all my personal info with a picture. Find out about the guy in LeeZ World.

LeeZ IRC Inc.

This is were Web TV'ers can get my IRC's. I made all the IRC's myself, which include The Rock seZ IRC, a popular IRC at Talkcity.

LeeZ Wrestlemania 2000 CAW Page

This is were you can get your Create-a-wrestler (CAW) for your Wrestlemania 2000 game. You can update your game to current WWF roster. Angle, Benoit, Saturn, Guerro, Malenko, Rikishi, Tazz, Raven, Credible and Rhino. When a new wrestler shows up in the WWF come here to get your update.

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