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"A History of the American Forces
Vietnam Network, 1962-1972"


Lee W. Hauser

Copyright 1972, posted with author permission

Lt (j.g.) Lee Hauser with COMNAVFOR in 1972. 

Lee Hauser with WGQR today

Lee Hauser wrote this history of AFVN as his thesis for his Master's degree in radio, television, and motion pictures at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which he received in 1972. It details the history of military broadcasting during most of the Vietnam War.

A large portion of this manuscript addresses the question of whether news as reported to troops in the field was censored. Hauser writes this thesis after reviewing pertinent documents and interviewing officers and enlisted men who were involved after charges of news censorship were made.

Hauser wrote this manuscript after his discharge from the military.

Each section contains 25 pages - Please click the desired Section, then a thumbnail to read.

*Please note-there are blank pages as copied from the thesis*

Section 1 Start to Page 11
American Forces Radio-TV Service in Los Angeles and Washington
Section 2 pages 12 to 36
[American Forces R-TV Service, Nam]
[Armed Forces Radio, Saigon]
Section 3 pages 37 to 60
American Forces Radio TV Service
[Navy Blue Eagles planes provide TV]
[American Forces Vietnam Network established]
Section 4 pages 61 to 85
Presidential election coverage, 1968

Section 5 pages 86 to 109
The Voice of Home Calling
[Preparing to stand down]
Section 6 pages 110 to 134
Was the news censored? 123-146
[Charges of censorship]
[Two inspector general investigations]

Section 7 pages 135 to 159
Analysis of the censorship controvery
Summary and Conclusions
Section 8 pages 160 to 183
Important appendices begin, including news policies, >br> procedures, and more
Section 9 pages 184 to End
Former MACOI Speaks
Letter from Pacific Stars and Stripes Editor
COL William Koch former MACOI regarding
the AFVN censorship controversy

Special Thanks to the following gentlemen:

Thank you SGT Paul Kasper for scanning and posting this AFVN history to the Internet. [Kasper was with 9th Inf Div flamethrower APC's]

Thank you SP4 Dick McCorrison for your valuable technical assistance in posting this history. [McCorrison was with 84th Engineer Bn (Construction)]

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