Steinbeck Bibliography
General Criticism
Lupack, Alan, and Barbara Tepa Lupack.  King Arthur in America. Cambridge:
          Brewer, 1999.

          Not available for annotation.

McElrath, Joseph R., Jesse S. Crisler, and Susan Shillinglaw, ed. 
John Steinbeck:
          The Contemporary Reviews.
Amer. Critical Archives 8.  Cambridge:
          Cambridge UP, 1996.

          Documents the immediate response to each of Steinbeck’s major works, including the play
         forms of
Of Mice and Men, The Moon is Down, and Burning Bright.  Includes an introduction
          that surveys Steinbeck’s career in the context of the reviews that follow.  A facsimile of the
          original book’s title page prefaces each book’s section.  A checklist of additional reviews
          follows each section.

Meyer, Michael J., ed.  The Betrayal of Brotherhood in the Work of John Steinbeck.
          Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen, 2000.

          Not available for annotation.

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The Hayashi Steinbeck Bibliography, 1982-1996.  Lanham, MD: Scarecrow, 1998.
          Features almost 4,000 entries on works by and about Steinbeck, including books, articles,
          dissertations, theses, book reviews, newspapers, other media, reference, translations and
          foreign editions, foreign language articles and book reviews, and foreign language books.
          Annotates a small percentage of the entries.  Includes an addenda of theatrical and movie
          reviews not included in Tetsumaro Hayashi’s 1973 and 1983 bibliographies.  Also includes a
          chronology and a cross-referenced index. 

Swisher, Clarice.  Readings on John Steinbeck. San Diego: Greenhaven, 1996.
          Compiles 21 previously published essays on Steinbeck and his works chosen and edited
          for their  accessibility to young adults.  Aims to show young adults that Steinbeck’s works
          can be studied from a variety of approaches: biographical, historical, didactic, artistic,
           and philosophical.  Offers a biography that provides the basic facts of Steinbeck’s life.
          Includes essays that analyze his philosophical outlook, essays that analyze the characters,
          themes, and literary techniques of particular works, and one that discusses the Nobel Prize
          for literature.  Also includes a chronology, a list of major works, and suggestions for
          further reading.
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