(C)2001, Cheese Freak Software

FeMAME in action...

Last release: 2.03 - 14/03/01

What is MAME?

MAME is an arcade game emulator. It emulates the hardware required by dozens of old arcade games, allowing you to run them on your PC (providing you have the ROM images). It's FANTASTIC! Check out its homepage to find out more about MAME :

The Official MAME Homepage!

What is FeMAME?

FeMAME was my DOS-based front-end for MAME, allowing you to launch your favourite games with the required options with ease. Sadly, it is now discontinued - mainly because I don't have the time to work on it these days, but also because there are far more capable Windows-based front-ends out there these days.

That said, it still works to an extent and it's still available from here - if you want to give it a whirl then feel free! It seems to still be quite popular with people building their own MAME cabinets because it's small and DOS-based.

Discontinued? Oh man!

Yeah, sorry about that. But I guessed you'd all figured it out already because I haven't updated the page since 2001!

Can I get the source?

Yes. As an apology for discontinuing the software I've decided I may as well release the source to the general public. However, this comes at a cost - you must obey the rules below:

1. It is not supported. At all. If you can't get it to compile, too bad!
2. Altering things for your own use is fine. If you wish to release the software in any modified form you must check with me first.
3. Don't feed it after midnight.

Where can I get all this great stuff?

Click HERE to Download FEMAME 2.03 binaries for MAME versions after 0.36b1.
Click HERE to Download FEMAME 2.03 source code, for use with DJGPP.

Anything else I should know?

DON'T ASK ME FOR ARCADE ROMS! I will NOT send you any arcade ROMs - ever. So don't bother asking, I'll just delete your mail.