Manic Miner - Tales from a Parallel Universe

The title screen...... and the first level!

As featured in issue 6 of

Retro Gamer

It is rumoured that there are an infinite number of parallel universes where every possibility is played out. Things in these other dimensions may be very similar to our own reality, but subtly different because of certain decisions which were taken differently.

Miner Willy is no exception to this rule. Previously, thousands of Speccy owners had thrilled to his adventures in his battle to escape the Manic Mining machines, but now Cheese Freak Software brings you the escapades of ANOTHER Miner Willy from a parallel universe! Just like his counterpart in this reality, Willy has fallen into a mine packed with dangers and must escape from 20 lethal caverns in order to locate the untold treasures of an ancient civilisation. However, in this universe things are subtly different..... Can Miner Willy emulate the antics of his trans-dimensional counterpart, or are the Speccy owners of the other universe doomed to a life with no Jet Set Willy?

In case you hadn't noticed, this is a version of Manic Miner which I have edited with the Manic Miner Editor to produce a very different game! All 20 screens have been replaced (and the scrolly message!) and should prove a new challenge for MM addicts. I can't pretend that my screens are as good as Matt Smith's originals, but I GUARANTEE that they're much better than the very crap 'Manic Miner 2' snapshot which has been doing the rounds on the Internet.

I haven't changed many graphics, for two reasons :
1) The graphics were very good anyway
2) I'm crap at drawing

You won't recognise any of the rooms anyway - it's completely different. They're not all rock hard either - some are easy and some are like The Warehouse.....Eeek!

Andy Noble was kind enough to include my levels as a bonus in his fantasic PC remake of Manic Miner. If you prefer your games PC-flavoured then that's linked below as well.

Click HERE to download the game (22K ZIP file)

NEW! Click HERE to download a fancy turbo-load version of the game NEW!

(this version ideal for transferring to real tape for use on real machines - loads very quickly!)

Or click HERE for Andy Noble's PC remake of Manic Miner