Welcome to the world of All My Children's Leo DuPres (played by Josh Duhamel) and Greenlee Smythe (played by Rebecca Budig)! This site is the combination of the former "Ying's Leo and Greenlee Site" and "Leo and Greenlee Haven" This website is maintained by Ying and Carmen. Also, Samantha is helping out on this site. You can email all of us at lgonline2001@yahoo.com
We hope your trip to this site is an enjoyable one!

Message from Ying:
Hey everyone!
I just want you to know how FUN it has been to make this site with Carmen and Samantha. I LOVED making the banners and wallpapers and just the fanart in general. However, I have no time left for this site. I have no time left for daytime soaps...period. I never thought this day would come, but I will no longer be updating this site anymore.

Message from
Carmen and Samantha--
After thinking a lot about this site, we have decided to close it because we are too involved with our Josh's Destiny site.  We appreciate all the visitors that have come visited.  Ying has done a wonderful job with the layout....so please do not take anything from this website without her permission.  We hope you will continue to show your support to Leo and Greenlee.   But in the meantime, if you are online come and check out our site, Josh's Destiny. 


There will still be Leo and Greenlee screencaptures but it will be on our website.  Thanks for your understanding in this matter. 

Carmen and Samantha

Hey, Skyler has volunteered to continue this site, so if you have any Greenleo fan contributions, they can still be put up on the new site. Visit the
new Leo and Greenlee Online.

I know I never linked any of the fanfic pieces I uploaded to the fanfic site, so I'm gonna do that before leaving this site alone. (sob) I loved working on it. Greenleo 4 ever.  :-)


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