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Pillowcase pic

Baby Nick

Showing some skin

Big Blue Eyes

Big heart, big hug!

BJ always looks as if Nick's her boyfriend!

What's he thinking about?

Don't pout!

Decked out in a blue sweatshirt.

Need help with your bag?

Brotherly Love

How could he!?

Nick Carter has let Katie down!

Bunny Ears

That's some classy hat!

The Blooper Brothers

A really small, cute pic of the two famous brothers

Snuggly jacket!

Is one of his hobbies posing for the camera?

Disco toddler!

Drinking Pepsi

A very, very, very nice family.

Wrapped in a flag. Not something you see everyday!

And the camera pans the hourglass ...

Is that Japanese?

Somethin' mysterious

What kind of juice is that?

I mean what I say and I say what I mean - those are really glassy eyes!!!

Looking cool in lime green.

Awww! His eyes are green!

Really, really cute!

Hands over head!


Yet another HOT pic of our lil Nickee!!!

Hottie!!! :)

Look at that expensive house!

Sunny yellow!!!

A little confused?

Just Nick (article pic)

How old was he?

Can you say Devon Sawa?

I love that shirt!!!

Sad puppy face?

His natural hair color?

He's gettin' himself all ready for us!

Judging from his teeth, how little was he? We can't judge from his teeth.

Isn't Nick cute?

Birthday cake

Kissing a dolphin

Does he take after his grandfather?


Cute! In blue flannel

In a blue shirt

Green jersey

HOT! All smiles!

Pinstripe suit

Imagine that's you!

It's another pic of Nick's house

Look at that tattoo he got there!!!

Cute! Fila shirt

Angled hair

Who's cuter? Nick, the puppies,

or the cats?

Vacation in France

He wrote his profile!

In a Reebok shirt

Ahhh! He's tilted!


Now is sleepy Nicky cute or what?

His hair is so soft looking!

All I can say is - S-weet!

That's the coolest sweater!

An old but cute pic

Wearing a Nike cap

Is he hot?

In a white sweater (He's 15!)

Neon bright! Yeah, the shirt too ...

Video Pictures

All I Have To Give Pic1

All I Have To Give Pic2

As Long As You Love Me Pic1

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As Long As You Love Me Pic3

As Long As You Love Me Pic4

Taking a break from ALAYLM video

Anywhere For You Pic1

Anywhere For Your Pic2

Anywhere For You Pic3

On the set of Anywhere For You

Everybody Pic1

Everybody Pic2

I'll Never Break Your Heart (American version) Pic

I'll Never Break Your Heart (American version) Pic2

I'll Never Break Your Heart (American version) Pic3

I'll Never Break Your Heart (American version) Pic4

I'll Never Break Your Heart (European version) Pic

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) Pic

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) Pic2