Daughter of Kings 

  by Rachel K.
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Sugar, spice, everything nice...they say those are the things that females are made of. I would like to add more. Eowyn is made of honor, courage, bravery, strength, determination, coldness and beauty. Eowyn has always been a favorite character and I believe she is the best female in all of Middle-earth.

I admire Eowyn above everyone else because I can relate to her. She is beautiful, kind, is of royal lineage yet she is mysterious, haunting even in a way. We wonder what troubles her deep down inside. Her love for Aragorn, her need to fight adds to her personality traits, but there is more to her.

She is a brave, noble woman and strong! A warrior hides beneath her mask of beauty, but she has never the chance to reveal herself. So much emotion and compassion she can display on her face, and she cares a great deal for her people! Eowyn, don’t forget yourself!

The daughter of kings has impacted my life in a way. I want to be stronger and braver like Eowyn; I compare my personality to hers. Eowyn is a child of men and may not have the grace of an Elf, but she has the courage of ten men and the heart of a lion. A pretty face, a careworn soul, a fierce personality………all she needed was a chance, a chance to prove how different she is to how people see her.

Appeared to be a defenseless maiden, needed to be protected but how wrong they are! Eowyn is stronger than most soldiers. The first of a child of men to kill a Ringwraith, a fighter not to be trifled with, a frostbitten rose on a cold winter morning.

In love with a king among men, but her chance is in vain. All she longs for is to be loved by another, for she loves him back. A chance had Eowyn once again with Faramir, son of Denethor, who loves Eowyn with her might and her beauty. The two of them met at the Houses of Healing, they fell in love………Faramir and Eowyn.

Eowyn has always been among my favorite character. What I admire most is her strength and her untamed spirit. She feels a need to fight! And she eventually got her chance to be locked out of her invisible cage. She is so much truer in her actions than Arwen or Galadriel and willing to defend herself!

So much is on her mind and so much inner pain she takes but tries hard not to reveal it. There are no other females of Middle-earth who are as brave or strong as Eowyn, and I admire her for that. She only wants someone to love her back, someone who understands her and sees her for what and who she really is.

I love her courage………her courage is something I wish I had, but it belongs to a shield-maiden of Rohan. She fears not the common calamities of pain, death or torment, but she is being tormented by her own fears; to be locked up of no use to anyone, to serve no one, to save no one and to be no one but a useless maiden. Eowyn is so much more though. She has the spirit of a warrior and she can save hero’s lives if only she is let the chance.

Eowyn is, by far, the best character in The Lord of the Rings, for she made the impossible possible. She disguised herself, murdered a Witch King and proved to be so much more than just a Maiden of Rohan.

Yes, sugar and spice are added to all females, but Eowyn has fire and strength as well. A true warrior of Rohan.

November 2003