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Éowyn's Home: The Mark

Founding: III 2510
Founder: Eorl the Young
Location: north of the White Mountains
Capital: Edoras
Previous name: Calenardhon*

*  Calenardhon was given to Eorl by the Steward Cirion for aiding Gondor in battle. "Rohan" is a Gondorian name meaning "horse-land."

Painting by Alan Lee
Click here to view a map of Rohan.


Rohan is located directly north of the kingdom of Gondor. It is bordered to the north by Fangorn Forest and the River Limlight, to the east by the River Anduin and the hills of Emyn Muil, to the south by the White Mountains and the kingdom of Gondor beyond, and to the west by the River Isen.

The land of Rohan is divided into several sections:

    Emnet - north central plains, mainly uninhabited except for herds of wild horses; divided into EAST EMNET and WEST EMNET by the River Entwash (or Onodló).

    Westfold - land north of the river Snowbourn, closest to the Gap of Rohan, commanded by a Marshal out of Helm's Deep.

    Eastfold - land south of the river Snowbourn between the River Entwash and the Great West Road.

    Wold - northernmost section of Rohan, north of East Emnet, bordered by Fangorn Forest to the west, the River Anduin to the east, and the River Limlight to the north.

    The Folde - old center of Rohan, just south of Edoras, and home of the former capital of ALDBURG.

    Fenmarch - the westernmost section of the Eastfold, marked by wetlands, at the Mering Stream border of Rohan.

    Edoras - the capital of Rohan, including the King's seat at MEDUSELD and the surrounding lands.

Rivers, Mountains, and other Features:

    River Entwash - southeasterly flowing tributary of the Anduin that divides Rohan in half.

    Snowbourn - east-flowing tributary of the River Entwash whose source lies in the White Mountains from the peak of Starkhorn; the river flows closest to Edoras.

    Mering Stream - east-flowing tributary into the Mouths of the Entwash; part of the Border of Rohan beyond which lies Anórien and the kingdom of Gondor.

    River Anduin - the "Great River" that comprises the easternmost boundary of Rohan and flows south into Gondor.

    River Limlight - east-flowing tributary of the River Anduin from Fangorn Forest that comprises the northernmost boundary of Rohan.

    River Isen - river in northwest corner of Rohan that flows through the Gap of Rohan.

    Starkhorn - sheer peak in the White Mountains (or Ered Nimrais), that protects Dunharrow and is the source of the River Snowbourn.

    Firien Wood - forest at the western source of Mering Stream along the southeastern border of Rohan.

Kings of the Mark:
First Line

2485-2545 ~ Eorl the Young
2512-2570 ~ Brego
2544-2645 ~ Aldor the Old
2570-2659 ~ Fréa
2594-2680 ~ Frëawine
2619-2699 ~ Goldwine
2644-2718 ~ Déor
2668-2741 ~ Gram
2691-2759 ~ Helm Hammerhand

Second Line
2726-2798 ~ Fréaláf Hildeson
2752-2798 ~ Brytta
2780-2851 ~ Walda
2804-2864 ~ Folca
2830-2903 ~ Folcwine
2870-2953 ~ Fengel
2905-2980 ~ Thengel
2984-3019 ~ Théoden

Third Line
2991-IV 63 ~ Éomer Éadig
IV ? - ? ~ Elfwine

Who is Helm and what's his "deep"?

Helm Hammerhand was one of the Kings of the Mark. When the Dunlendings invaded from the West, Helm and his army retreated to the Hornburg.

The statue of Helm as featured in the film The Two Towers.

During the Long Winter that year, the besieged Helm would wander into the snow and kill Dunlendings with his bare hands. The Dunlendings grew to fear him. One night, though, Helm did not return and was later found frozen, yet standing upright.

The Dunlendings were eventually booted out of Rohan, and the ravine behind the Hornburg was named "Helm's Deep."


"Thus Eorl became the first King of the Mark, and he chose for his dwelling a green hill before the feet of the White Mountains that were the south-wall of his land."

Edoras and the Hall of Meduseld from The Two Towers.

Edoras is the capital of Rohan. At the top of its hill lies the Golden Hall, Meduseld, which was built by Eorl's son Brego.


The former capital of Rohan, before Brego built Meduseld in Edoras. Aldburg lies in the center of the Folde, and is large enough to house a Marshal and his entire éored.

Aldburg is the family home of Éomer and his ancestors.


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