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Please note: that says "Unofficial Website" over there... It means it. This is my personal site and none of the statements made here is "AA's opinion" except where I explicitly cite official AA literature — and even there I may be quoting out of context or applying the text in a way the authors, and most AAs, might not approve of ...
I have made every effort not to violate anyone's anonymity here, except some might say my one, but if I've slipped (scary word!) I apologize and will do what I can to set the matter right. Email me.
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About these pages
To the website of a nascent 
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AA group

About These Pages

As an Esperanto-speaking alcoholic who has found desperately needed help in AA, I want to pass what I can along these lines on to other Esperanto-speaking alcoholics who may not yet have found a way to stay sober, or who may have found sobriety but long for fellowship with other sober alcoholics using a common International Language. I look forward to a day when mutual friends of Bill W and of Ludoviko Z won't feel they have to choose between the two.

If you don't speak Esperanto and you're looking for help with a drinking problem, I urge you to contact AA through the phone book (most North American cities have a "Central Office" or "Intergroup Association" that distributes literature and maintains meeting schedules, hotlines, etc.) or through the General Service Office in New York; or you can email me and I'll help you if I can.

If you're not familiar with AA's Twelve Traditions, I strongly urge you to read up on them, especially the principle of "anonymity" and that of neutrality on "outside issues".

I'm an ordinary sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous; AA has millions of members in well over a hundred countries all over the world. Since its founding in 1935, AA has provided many drinkers who gave every evidence of being incurable and headed for an alcoholic death with "a way out" — the means to get sober, stay sober, and live useful, happy lives without alcohol. I was one of those unsoberables, and I think it quite probable that, without my experience of grace in AA (which has enabled me to stay sober now since September 1984), I would have died years ago.

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