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The GasHouse Gang
New York (19??-1914)

The GasHouse Gang was led by Tommy Lynch(d.1914). Their area was along 59th Street in N. York City. They were in a war with the Jimmy Curly Gang for the area. Tommy Lynch was killed, some say by "Gold Mine" Carrigio, leader of the Jimmy Curly Gang. So the Jimmy Curly Gang took over the 59th St. area.

The Gopher Gang(New York)

1900 to 1920's

The Gopher Gang Operated out of Hell's Kitchen in the Bowery in 1900. Come to prominence late in 1905 when their leader James"Biff" Ellison an ex- Five Points gang member and others shot-up Paul Kelly's saloon,"The New Brighton". Kelly was the leader ot The Five Points gang.

One of Kelly's henchmen, a man named Harrigton, was killed outright by the Gopher barrage. Kelly was wounded in three places. Ellison, who drenched himself each day with perfume, sidled up to the bar, poured himself and his comrades a drink, and walked out whistling. "Biff" Ellison was killed shortly thereafter. Owen "Owney" Madden took over the gang in 1909.

The Hooker Gang

New York(1860s -1870s)

The Hooker Gang was formed by "suds" Merrick, tommy Shay, James Coffee, and Terry Le Strange. The gang which robbed virtually at will in the Fourth Ward of N. York City. Suds had at least 100 experienced thieves working for him, dominating an area from 14th St. to the Battery. The gang specialized in looting cargo boats docked in the East River, but in 1874 Suds led three of his top crooks, Tom Bonner, Sam McCracken and Johnny Gallagher on a canal boat to rob the boat of everything it had. They were caught, but somehow Suds escaped. His three best friends were sent to Auburn Prison for long terms. The other leaders forced Suds to quit. Suds Merrick was mysteriously killed in the Bowery in 1884. The Hooker hangout was the Sportsman Hall at 273 Water St. in N. York.

The Hudson Dusters(N.York)

1800 to

 The Hudson Dusters were a sneak-thief group specializing in robber's, their leader was "Little Patsy" Doyle. He was shot by Owen "Owney the Killer" Madden, Nov. 28, 1914.

 John Thomas(Jack Legs Diamond) Noland joined at the age of 16 in 1820.

The James Street Gang(New York)


 The James Street Gang was lead by Johnny Torrio(sometimes called the "Fox" some "Terrible John") In 1905 he brought the James Street Gang into the powerful Five Points Gang.

Jimmy Curly Gang

(1914-1918)New York

 The Jimmy Curly Gang was warring with the old Gas House Gang for control along Fifty-Ninth Street. Their Leader Jo "Gold Mine" Carrigio.

 The war took the life of Tommy Lynch, the Leader of The Gas House Gang in 1914. Some say "Gold Mine" killed him. But the Curly Gang took over the Fifty-Ninth Street area. They meted out extortion, blackmail, and murder until the close of WW1 when members were absored into other gangs.

Joe The Greaser Gang

New York( ?-1916)

 Joe the Greaser led a heavily armed gang of East Side sluggers. This gang operated exclusively as strike-breakers or union organizers with lead pipes, whichever befitted the job they were paid the perform. During the great union battles of 1913, Joe the Greaser allied himself with the powerful Dopey Benny Gang to exclude "Pinchy Paul" and William Lustig from sharing in the spoils of paid union slugging. In late 1913 at Gravel and Forsyth Streets, the Joe the Greaser Gang and the Pinchy Paul Gang had a big street battle, with more than 100 members participating in an hour long shoot-out. No body was even wounded. This battle was started by one man named Jewbach. Joe the Greaser sent a ruthless killer named "Nigger Benny" Snyder. Snyder batched the job. He was picked up for killing "Pinchey Paul". Snyder blamed Joe the Greaser for the murder, that Joe gave orders to kill "Pinchey Paul", Snyder received 20 years in prison. Joe the greaser received 10 yrs in Sing Sing. He was released in 1915, by then the gang had disbanded.

Kerryonians Gang

New York

 The Kerryonians existed in New York about 1825, one of the earliest organized crime gangs. The members headquarted on Center Street (now Worth St.) at Rosanna Peer Grocery Store. The Kerryonians spent most of thier time mugging and beating up English.

Lenox Ave. Gang

The gang was composed of professional pickpockets and burglers who centered activities on 125th Street in Manhattan. The gang was formed by Harry "Gyp the Blood" Horowitz in the 1800's.

This gang was short lived after Police made several arrests with lengthy convitions. Horowitz however, did recruite special killer bodyguards, Frank"Dago Frank" Cirofici and Whitey Lewis.(They were responsible for the Police Lt. Charles Becker requested hit of gambler Herman "Beansie" Rosenthal. Louis " Lefty Louis" Rosenburg was also in on it. They also sometimes worked for Jack "Big Jack" Zelig of The "Monk" Eastman Gang.

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