Welcome to my Guestbook! Here, u can view wat other pple wrote....=) lurf ya!

eXtrEmIsT - 11/07/00 15:27:35
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ben - 10/19/00 05:10:45
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guess wad?i juz bought over hotmail.btw,i was feelin bored sign guestbks............. zzzzzzzzzzzzz......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz and mankuan dun be corny

bill gates - 10/17/00 13:58:09
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wah! chiminology! din noe u could maneuver a mouse. juz kidding not bad actually for a begginer should check out my website www.msn.com

fl@m3c@$+3R - 10/15/00 12:47:05
My URL:http://www.flamecaster.t2u.com
My Email:magnet-x@antionline.org

nice webpage 4 a 1st-timer. but try 2 change ur font size 2 a smaller 1 so tt it will look more compact and pro. have a nice dae!

LimerZ - 09/30/00 05:31:10
My Email:raqiah@hotmail.com

Congrats, Uni! On de beautiful webbie. I lurve de song on de webbie for yr primary skool! Keep up de good werk!:)

Vy - 09/19/00 05:59:44
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/c_blue_ocean
My Email:find.me@eudoramail.com

Nice... no matter wad u may say.. I like it

benjamen - 09/09/00 15:50:40
My Email:freakout124@hotmail.com

wah!!!!!!!! star constellation bkground cool! hmm ur neoprin can see liaoz u look farnie leh get a better neoprint lah oh well buaiz!~ haffanicedae!!!

SheRalyN - 09/08/00 07:22:36
My Email:ayanami_Rei08@chickmail.com

harloe! it's me again.:)dropping by here @ ur webpage.. well..could see that ya have changed ur background image..very nice webpage of urs..:) welll..have a nice dae and goot luck for all the stoopid exams!!

LSS - 08/03/00 13:56:34
My URL:http://www.pacific.net.sg/leowss/leowss.html
My Email:icedfire68@hotmail.com

Hello this is lss here ur homepage is nice *sigh* got nothing to say ur homepage is nice blah blah

zAmO - 07/23/00 13:05:15
My URL:dun haVe @ aLL
My Email:LionelChan@hotmail.com

HmM homepage.... itZ really colourful and stuff.... the pics r quite cute oso...... hope ya complete ur page soon :) GOOD JOB :)

Margaret - 07/14/00 01:51:30
My Email:margaret_gn@hotmail.com

Veli Naish and attractive!

BEN - 07/10/00 07:37:52
My URL:http://oocities.com/poppy123_sg/index.html
My Email:zhenhua@pacific.net.sg

Cool home page the only website that made me stay more than five minutes, in fact 10 excluding gaming site's thanks uni for puttin one of my fave cartoon characters beside me and nice music make me wan to cry in front of my com damn touching and the part where your neo pring is got prob lem CANNOT SEE ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the best in your secondary life in RGS!

mi!!! - 06/15/00 16:28:59
My URL:i dunno.. itz on commontown
My Email:hyper1509@hotmail.com

heheh.. im riting(complaining) again coz of the insults on mi!!! 1) y m i the 1 wif the most nicks??? 2) u r realli so "un-sarcastic"..... wad maths whizz?? wad teacher's pet?? wad "typical guai guai guy"?? wad "once unsporty"??(u dunno mi well enuf) wad trustworthy chairman"?? all rubbish lah..... i haf lots 2 sae.... but betta not sae 2 much.. after uni kill mi... i dun wanna die young(heheh=)

ShingEe - 06/14/00 15:58:22
My URL:http://www.iShingEe.com
My Email:shingee@mailcityasia.com

HEy great page u hav... so FeW gals hav their own online home... shows tt u r not juz a normal gal? ha juz jokin' =)

madhanjie - 05/19/00 04:05:07
My URL:http://www.shittyuni.com
My Email:madhanjie@yahoo.com

By the way, I have not finished writing yet. As i was saying, I feel the ultimate distress when I found out that I was not the one to write that beeeautiful message about your webpage. "And you've done a very good job at irritating Uni until she goes siao " A quote from the ingenious Geri. Anyway, heard from somebody that you like De Xuan. He was so damm sad that you did not attend Sam Ong's party. heard he has a party coming up. I'm sure you will attend! Hanjie

Evan Goh - 05/16/00 10:55:53
My Email:evangoh87@hotmail.com

well.... nicely made site... good.. nice background music.. and wut de hell?? u noe IRIS!!!!!

madhanjie - 05/16/00 06:15:37
My URL:http://www.shittyuni.com
My Email:madhanjie@yahoo.com

Hello you idiot. After reading your comments, I feel so touched! Thank you for proclaiming me the most irritating irritater of the year! Thank You!Thank You! Thank You!By the way, I did not write that beautiful message, I feel extreme distress and disappi ntment that i didi not write that lesson that i was not the one to write that.

Blu_Whale - 05/13/00 09:27:08
My URL:http://jp.internations.net/chx
My Email:blu_whale@hotmail.com

Goodpage...hmm....can learn a bit from u=) Anyway...jus gd luck to everybody....hark EXAMS R OVER..........YAYAYAYYAYAYYAY=)

mwahahahaha - 05/13/00 07:51:10
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/limeangel_gurl


liMe~~nGel - 05/12/00 13:15:03
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/limeangel_gurl
My Email:limeangel@hotmail.com

okie okie....i noe i damm boliao lahz....write in mi own guestbook, but i juz wanna like, answer to ur comments??? so aniwae, thanks for ur nice comments, dez, daniel, dexuan, icedfire whoeva u are, mankuan, shuxian, lichiang....and thanks for ur wonderfu comments, iris meiz, addy, sheralyn, fionnie...and for william and hanjie, i wun sae anything, or is dat hanjie reallie???? if it is, wow. i din noe he was so desperate as to copy dexuan's email address...and how did he get mi homepage url aniwaez?!?!?!? hope mi other meiz come here...dat huimin and audrey and chuin and tiff ahz....=)

aDdY bAy - 05/04/00 09:02:50
My URL:http://( still under construction...)
My Email:adele_bay@hotmail.com

Not bad ah.... Your webpage is indeed quite interesting... Hmmm.... Aniwae... i gotta go.. tomolo got math test....

dE xIANT - 04/30/00 04:54:14
My URL:http://www........
My Email:hyper_1709@hotmail.com

Your webpage sucks! But for a person like you and a first timer, maybe, okay, its good, a little! without any luv at all, Hanjie

iris - 04/26/00 13:56:11
My Email:leongiris@hotmail.com

hi jie~ nice homepage... i tried making 1 few yrs back but i forgot de url! hahaha... so funni rite? aniwae... keep it up kae?!?!

sheralyn's frd - 04/26/00 13:10:24
My Email:icedfire68@hotmail.com

hello! Great website u have there. Anyway are u and sheralyn in the same class???

Sha - 04/26/00 13:01:15
My Email:ayanami_rei08@chickmail.om

Wah~~uni sia? cool....keep up the good work and add more links lah...

Duh - 04/23/00 14:46:20

To be frank this is kinna dumb and boring-- I mean who would want to know bout U?

Duh - 04/23/00 14:45:09


mankuan - 04/23/00 11:29:00
My Email:mankuan@hotmail.com

no comments maybe next time

hip_gurl - 04/22/00 14:35:49
My Email:coolz_hip_gurl@hotmail.com


Sooi Li Chiang (No Nickname) - 04/22/00 11:41:27
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/SooiLiChiang
My Email:lcsooi_17@hotmail.com

nice webpage. colourful nice pictures

Tycho - 04/21/00 16:59:58
My URL:If I haf, Im an angel
My Email:freakazoid1509@hotmail.com

Its ur 1st webpage. Dun wanna make u feel disappointed. Its a gud one. At least better den mi. I dun haf 1 n dunno how 2 do........

Jestagerl - 04/21/00 16:47:05
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/hi/fionasnglj/
My Email:fionasng@hotmail.com

yozzie Uni...Fionnie here...nice one, gal...rather inspirational...yepz keep the inspirations coming in...continue to work on it and I'm sure it'll be one of the best

Shadowblazer - 04/21/00 16:22:42
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/darkwolf_z/
My Email:darkwolf_z@hotmail.com

Not bad for a 1st timer, the quotes and pieces of advice are nice. If you need my help, don't hesitate to ask, I'll try my best. Okay, maybe not my very best but I'll at least try. I know HTML 4.0, Javascript, Vbasic, a bit of C++ (still learning), starcr ft AI script, UT mod script, Unix commands, batch programming (in case I blow my com again), graphic design and a few more things I forgot. I LOVE CHEW HUI XUAN!!! Btw, I'm in TCHS GEP class 1I, I'm also a very forgetful person.

Dexterity - 04/21/00 15:47:25
My URL:dun haf 1 =-(
My Email:hyper1509@hotmail.com

It's a lousy webpage No lar Juz Joking Not bad 4 a 1st timer Oops, Im not a pro cant sae 2 much heheh

Dez - 04/21/00 15:35:15
My URL:http://www.fortunecity.com/bennyhills/doo/342/dezpage.html
My Email:stalkerj_z@hotmail.com

hi! nice page... =) i dunno how to comment, really but hey, it's better than mine =) i dunno what to put in mine =(

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