Season Five:
Sgt O C Phillips: Phil Jarrett
Ron Nakamora: Denis Akiyama
Dennis: Brian Kaulback
Leah MacCray: Nancy Sakovich

Boy Who Cried Wolf (089)
David Hewlett, Michelyn Emelle, Buddy: Stuart Stone
Steve's habit of lying puts his life in jeopardy when he witnesses a murder.

Hit and Run (090) D: Jesse Collins
Nick Sheilds, Dr: Janine Manatis, Norah Grant, Tanya Rich, Derek Robinson, Sean Sallows, David Watson
Hank is victim of hit and run.

Attacked (091)
Claire Arnold: Cynthia Belliveau, Markus Parilo, Jennifer Griffin, Christopher Bondy, Wayne Gregg, Alex Jeffries, Vivian Nichels
Leah goes undercover when a friend is assaulted by a man she met while jogging.

Bang, Bang, You're Dead (092)
Clark Johnson, Linda Griffiths, Lloyd Adams, Richard Davidson, Reg Dreger, Paulina Gillis, Mark Terence
Hank and Renee attend war games that become real.

Falling Out Among Thieves (093)
Valerie: Lori Hallier, DeMears: Santino Buda, Joel Wyner, David Ferry, Maureen Cassidy, John Healy, Alan Jordan, Frank McAnulty
Rudy helps track down bank robber while on vacation.

Under Siege (094) D: Jesse Collins
Walt Burger, Walt: Michael Rhoades, Chris Owens, David Huband, Norah Grant
Hitmen hold the station hostage, Rudy and the other K9's attack.

A Friendly Revenge (095)
Dave Butler: Lindsay Merrithew, Rod Wilson, Edward Juantz
Dave kidnaps Rudy in a plan to set up Hank

Christmas Spirit (096)
Phantom: Victoria Snow, Peter Graham, Robert Bednarski, Conrad Bergschneider
Christmas Dinner. Steve finds homeless family

Trapped (097)
Lawrence Dane, Tom Melissis, James Innes
Hank is trapped in a mine shaft with a criminal.

Dead On Arrival (098)
Janine Manatis, Bret Pierson, Jamie Williams
Hank is poisoned by group that wants their cocaine back in exchange for the antidote.

Crime of Fashion (099)
Terri Hawkes, Andrea Roth, Patrick Galligan, Bob Bainsborough, Dan Carrier, Norah Grant, Detective Logan: Chuck Shamata
Fashion designer murdered, Steve photographs it and is kidnapped.

Geoffrey Bowes, Nicholas Van Burek, Robert Bidaman, Steven Bednarski, Sean Sallows
IA investigates charge of force against Hank and Rudy, Steve goes undercover.

Killing Ground (101)
Omar: Elias Zarou, David Nerman, Lela?: Camilla Scott, Cara Pifko, Trevor Bain, Gareth Bennett, Nicki Nakamora: Heidi Hatishita, David Hewlett, Zoe Ludski, Brian Renfro, Al Logan: Chuck Shamata
Steve helps Moroccan family victims of prejudice.

Heartstrings (102)
Roberta Perez: Lynne Cormack, Chantal Craig, Logan: Chuck Shamata, John Pearson, Nicki Nakamora: Heidi Hatishita
Liza, the baby adopted by Ron and Nicki is kidnapped by her birth mother.

Decoy Ducks (103)
Louise Vallance, Gordon Michael Woolvett, Jeff Wood, Desmond Campbell, Paul Boretski

Bounty Hunter(104) D: Jesse Collins
Rose St. Marie: Carol McCartney, Melvin Lisgard: Martin Doyle, Paul Irving, Woman who's car is stolen: Kim Nelles
Hank's arrest gets complicated when a female bounty hunter is after the same man, and hi-jacks him from Hank.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time (105) D: Jesse Collins
Daphne: Robyn Stevan, Allan Clow, Woman who's briefcase is stolen: Kim Nelles
Hank and Stevie are taking prisoner by robbers trying to raise 30,000 to pay off a gambling debt

Stage Mother (106)
Mrs Birchwood: Lynne Cormack, Emily Birchwood: Katie Griffin, David Hemblen, Diane Douglass, Hans Engle, Buddy: Stuart Stone
Steve befriends a girl being pushed into her mother's dream of Olympic ice skating. OC is promoted and Hank is made acting sergeant.

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