Alphabetical List
of Lion Dance Groups

The following is a list of known Lion Dance groups. They are provided for your information. I have not seen most of these groups perform so cannot give recommendations or ratings. If you know of a lion dance group that is not listed on these pages, please email me and let me know how to contact them so I can add them to the list. Thanks!

  1. All Masters Martial Arts Center, Mississauga, Ontario Canada
  2. Asian Community & Cultural Center in NE
  3. Asian Martial Arts Studio's Lion Dance Troupe, Ann Arbor, MI
  4. Association Francaise de Danse du Lion in France
  5. Awakened Blessing Lion Dance Troupe in Southern CA
  6. Bach My Su Dau, Switzerland
  7. Bach Van Kung Fu
  8. Bao Trieu Wushu School, Groningen, Netherlands
  9. BelgianWushu and Liondace Federation in Belgium
  10. Bendigo Lion Team in Australia
  11. Blooming Orchid Lion Dance (BOLD), Tacoma, WA
  12. Bo Law Kung Fu Association, New York, NY
  13. Boston Chinese Freemason Athletic Club, Boston, MA
  14. Brandeis University Lion Dance Troupe in MA
  15. Brisbane Kung Fu and Tai Chi Centre, Brisbane, Australia
  16. Brown University Illustrious Lion Dance Troupe (alternate site here), Rhode Island
  17. Buddhist Ho Nam Kam College's Martial Arts Dragon & Lion Dancing Team, Hong Kong
  18. C.B. Patrol Lion Dancers, Chicago, IL
  19. Calpoly San Luis Obispo Lion Dance Team in Southern CA
  20. Calvin Chin's Martial Arts Academy, Roslindale, MA/Newton Highlands, MA
  21. Camarillo Mi Tzung Lo Han Kung-fu and Lion Dance Association, Camarillo, CA
  22. Cambridge University Lion Dance TroupeCambridge, England
  23. Canadian Hung Kuen Association, Inc., Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
  24. Chap Ying Tong, Ontario, Canada
  25. Cheng Jing Hui Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe in Singapore
  26. Cheung Keung Martial Arts Association, Hong Kong
  27. Cheung's Siu Lum Hung Gar Tiger-Crane Style Kung Fu Academy, Philadelphia, PA
  28. Chien Hong School of Gung Fu, Atlanta, GA
  29. Chinatown Community Young Lions in New York City
  30. Chinese Association of Orange County, Orange County, CA
  31. Chinese Association of Victoria in Australia
  32. Chinese-Brazilian Kung Fu Academy, So Paulo - SP - Brasil
  33. Chinese Community Association of Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, VA
  34. The Chinese Community Center of New Jersey Youth Group, New Jersey
  35. Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, Portland, Oregon
  36. Chinese Cultural Center, Houston, TX
  37. Chinese Cultural Center of America, Des Moines, IA
  38. Chinese Dance School of Sydney in Australia
  39. Chinese Dragon & Lion Dance Team, Yokohama, Japan
  40. The Chinese High Scout Troop, Singapore
  41. Chinese Lion Dance and Folk Dance Troupe of Greater Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI
  42. Chinese Lion Dance Association website in HI
  43. Chinese Martial Arts Association, Calexico, CA
  44. The Chinese Masonic Society, Melbourne, Australia
  45. Chinese Youth Club, Washington DC
  46. Chinese Youth Society Of Melbourne in Australia
  47. Ching Wu Athletic Association in Canada
  48. Choa Chu Kang Shaolin Wushu Team, Singapore
  49. Chow Hon Hing Dragon & Lion Dance Assocation, Hong Kong
  50. Choy Lay Fut Chinese Martial Arts Academy, South Africa
  51. Choy Lee Futt Chang Choy Lion Dance Association, Kuala Lumpur
  52. Chung Ngai Dance Troupe, San Francisco, CA
  53. Chung Wah Association Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe, Northbridge, Western Australia
  54. Chung Wah Gung Fu Centre, Toronto, British Columbia Canada
  55. COCCC Lion Dance Team, Kitchener, Ontario Canada
  56. Coiling Dragon Wu-Shu Studio, Ohio
  57. Doc-Fai Wong Martial Arts Centers, San Francisco, CA/Sausalito, CA
  58. Dynamic Martial Arts Academy, Phoenix, Arizona
  59. Eastern Ways Martial Arts School, Fair Oaks, CA
  60. East Wind Lion Dance Troupe, Los Angeles, CA
  61. Edmond Martial Arts Academy, Edmond, OK
  62. Edmund Ng Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Club, London, England
  63. Elite Wushu Lion Dance Troupe, Singapore
  64. Ever Strong Gym in AZ
  65. Far East Dragon Lion Dance Association, San Jose, CA
  66. First Fidelity Chinese School, Monmouth County, NJ
  67. Gee Yung Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe in HI and Northern CA
  68. Ging Wu Kung-Fu Martial Art Association, Alberta, Canada
  69. Golden Eagle Martial Arts Center, Florence, AL
  70. Gong Lung Sing Si Deui, Pittsburg, PA
  71. Green Dragon Kung Fu Association, Canada
  72. Gund Kwok Lion Dance Troupe, Boston, MA
  73. Ha Kwok Cheung Sport Association in Hong Kong
  74. Ha Tak Kin Martial Art Society in Hong Kong
  75. Hai Wee Wushu Association, Singapore
  76. Hawaii Chinese Physical Cultural Association (Jeng Moo Tai Yuk Oui), Honolulu, HI
  77. Hip Sing Association, Chicago, IL
  78. Hip Sing Recreation Center, Atlanta, GA
  79. HKCWCFYKMSS, Hong Kong
  80. HKMCWA, Hong Kong
  81. Hock Chong Lion Dance Team in Australia
  82. Hok San Clan Assn. Lion Dance Troupe, Singapore
  83. Hok Seng Lion Dance Troupe in Malaysia
  84. Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association, Ltd., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  85. Hong Luck Kung Fu Club, Toronto, Ontario Canada
  86. Hong Sheng Lion Dancers, Taipei, Taiwan
  87. Hoy Ting Association, Boston, MA
  88. Hui Family Lion Dancers in MN
  89. Hung Ching Association, New York, NY
  90. Hung Fong Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe, Hong Kong
  91. Hung-Sing Goon, San Francisco, CA
  92. Huong Viet Community Center, Oakland, CA
  93. Hwa Kwan Lion Dance Corp., Taipei, Taiwan
  94. Illini Lion Dance Troupe, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
  95. Immortals Awaken Lion Club, Monterey Park, CA
  96. Indianapolis Association of Chinese Americans Lion Dance Team, Indianapolis, IA
  97. International Chinese Kung Fu Association/Wing Lung Kung Fu Tai Chi Association, Miami, FL
  98. Jing Mo Athletic Association, San Francisco, CA/Toronto, Canada
  99. J.K. Wong Academy, Richardson, TX
  100. John Wai's Florida Kung Fu Academy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  101. Kei Lun Martial Arts, San Francisco, CA
  102. Khuan Loke Association Lion Dance Troupe, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
  103. Kim Keat Lion Dragon Troupe, Singapore
  104. Kong's Siu Lum Pai, Hawai'i
  105. Kun Seng Keng Lion & Dragon Dance Association, Selangor, Malaysia
  106. Kung Fu-Thieu Lam, Suomi, Finland
  107. Kuo Min Tang Physical Culture Association in HI
  108. Kwan Ying Athletic Club, Edmonton, Alberta Canada
  109. Kwok Wei Lion Dance, Houston, TX
  110. Lai Hung Chinese Martial Arts Institute Sacramento, Richmond, CA
  111. Lam Chun Fai Hung Gar School, CA/Hong Kong
  112. Lane's Tiger and Crane Kung Fu Academy, Washington
  113. Lau Fat Mang World Eagle Claw Kung Fu Association, UK
  114. Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  115. Lee's Golden Dragon Dance Troupe, Houston, TX
  116. Lee's Kung Fu and Tai Chi Center, Shreveport, LA
  117. Leung's White Crane Lion & Dragon Dance Association, San Francisco, CA
  118. Leung Shing Chung Dragon Lion and Kung Fu Team, Hong Kong
  119. Li-Ming Elementary School Lion Dance Team, Taiwan
  120. Lian Yee Lion Dance AssociationMontreal, Quebec Canada
  121. Lieu Quan Lion Dance Troupe of Co Lam Temple, Seattle, WA
  122. Lincroft Chinese Church, Monmouth County, NJ
  123. Lion Dance at UCSD in Southern CA
  124. Lohan Lion Dance Team in Pasadena, CA
  125. Lohan School of Shaolin in Las Vegas, NV
  126. Lok's Martial Arts Studio, Richmond, B.C., Canada
  127. Long Ho Hoa, Anaheim, CA
  128. Loong Mah Sing See Wui (Dragon Horse Lion Dance Team), San Francisco, CA
  129. Lun Fei Hng in Dallas, TX
  130. Luk Chi Fu White Crane Association, Hong Kong
  131. Luk Hop Moon/Chinees Nederlands Cultuur & Wushu Stichting, Netherlands
  132. Lum Society Martial Arts Academy, Honolulu, HI
  133. Lung Kong Physical Culture Club, Honolulu, HI
  134. Mak Fai Washington Kung Fu Club, Seattle, WA
  135. Marin Chinese Cultural Group, Marin county, CA
  136. Master Chu's Lion Dance Club, Manchester, UK
  137. MCS Northern Lion Dance Team, London, UK
  138. Melbourne Chinese Kuan Yee Lion Dance Association in Australia
  139. Melbourne Chinese Yuan Yee Lion Dance Association Inc in Australia
  140. Meng Kok Lion Dance Association, Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia
  141. Mint Hill Kung Fu School, Charlotte NC
  142. MIT Lion Dance Group, Cambridge, MA
  143. Mo Duk hung Gar Kung Fu Association, Italy
  144. Monmouth Chinese School, Monmouth County, NJ
  145. Montreal Chinese Lion Dance Club, Canada
  146. Nanyang Girl's High School Dragon & Lion Dance Team, Singapore
  147. Nanyang Junior College Alumni Wushu Group, Singapore
  148. Nanyang Technological University Pugilistic Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe, Singapore
  149. Nanyang Wushu Federation of Sarawak, Kuching, Malaysia
  150. Ngee Ann Pugilistic and Lion Dance Troupe, Singapore
  151. Nia Kwang Pugilistic Association, Siegen, Germany
  152. North East Moi Fa Martial Arts Academy in England
  153. North Side Lion Dancers, Chicago
  154. NUS Lion Dance Troupe, Singapore
  155. Oakland Police Asian Youth Lion Dance Group, Oakland, CA
  156. Oregon School of Northern Shaolin Wushu in OR
  157. Organization of Chinese Americans, Pittsburg Chapter in PA
  158. Pak Mee Liondance Federation in the Netherlands
  159. Penang Leng Nann Hung Chuen Martial Art Centre of Malaysia, Malaysia
  160. Peruvian Chinese Lion Dance Group of Peru, Peru
  161. Philadelphia Suns Asian Club, Philadelphia, PA
  162. Philippine Ling Nam Athletic Association, Philipines
  163. Polish Choy Lee Fut Martial Arts Federation, Poland
  164. Qiao Yi Lion Dance Team, Christchurch, New Zealand
  165. Roger Chan Wing Chun and Liondance School, Delft and Nijmegen, Netherlands
  166. Rothrock's Kung Fu & Tai Chi Studios, Pittsburgh, PA/Wexford, PA
  167. San Diego Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Lucky Lion Dancers, San Diego, CA
  168. San Francisco Police Department Lion Dance Team, San Francisco, CA
  169. San Gabriel Valley Chinese Cultural Association, West Covina, CA
  170. Sanggar Agung Lion & Dragon Dance Team in Indonesia
  171. Sanggar Naga dan Barongsai Vihara Mahavira Graha Pusat in Indonesia
  172. Seattle Kung Fu Club, Seattle, WA
  173. Shan Tung Kung Fu Association, Pasadena, CA
  174. Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy, Dallas, TX
  175. Shaolin Hung Gar Tiger-Crane Kung-Fu Association, Richardson, TX
  176. Shaolin Hung Mei Pai Kung Fu Association, Boulder, CO
  177. Shaolin Kung Fu Institute, Hightstown, NJ
  178. Shaolin Long Feng Kung Fu, Repentigny, Qubec Canada
  179. Shaolin Temple Kung Fu in Southern CA
  180. Shaolin West Kung Fu Kwoon, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
  181. Shaolin Yau Kung Mun Chinese Kung Fu Association in Australia
  182. Sifu Meng's International Kung Fu Academy, CA
  183. Sil Lum Wing Chun Kuen, Tucson, Arizona
  184. Singapore Nam Wah Pai Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe in Singapore
  185. Singapore Polytechnic Wushu & Lion Dance Club, Singapore
  186. Singapore Wei Jin Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe, Singapore
  187. Singapore Wong Loo Choh See Chee Choong Association, Singapore
  188. Siu Lum Gar, Auckland, New Zealand
  189. Sil Lum Kung Fu Club, UT
  190. Southern Praying Mantis of Hawaii, Hawaii
  191. St. Louis Lion Dance Club, St. Louis, MO
  192. Success Lion Dance Troupe, Ottawa, Canada
  193. Sunny Tang Kung Fu Centre, Scarborough, Ontario Canada
  194. Sydney Choy Lee Fut school, Sydney, Australia
  195. Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, San Jose, CA
  196. Tai Yim Kung Fu School, Kensington, MD/ Fairfax, VA
  197. Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy, Sao Paulo, SP Brasil/CA
  198. Ten Tigers Kung Fu School, Broken Arrow, OK
  199. Teo Chew Temple, Houston, TX
  200. Tiger Martial Arts Club in Canada
  201. Triangle Area Chinese American Society, Cary, NC
  202. Tsien Quan Wu Shu, FL
  203. UK Yi Dao Dragon & Lion Dance Team in the UK
  204. University of California, Santa Barbara Lion Dance Team, Santa Barbara, CA
  205. University of Hong Kong Lion Dance Team, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
  206. University of Texas at Austin Texas Dragon/Lion Dance Team in TX
  207. University of Texas Vietnamese Student Association Mua Lan, Austin, TX
  208. Vietnam Ren Ye Tong Lion Troupe, Vietnam
  209. VoVinam, San Jose, CA
  210. Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai chi, Altamonte Springs, FL
  211. Wah Lum Kung-fu, Boston, MA
  212. Wah Lum Kung Fu of Tampa in FL
  213. Wan Chi Ming, New York, NY
  214. West Coast Lion Dance Troupe website in Northern CA
  215. White Crane Kung-Fu International in New York
  216. White Crane Martial Arts, San Francisco, CA
  217. Whitefish Bay Kung Fu Club, Glendale, WI
  218. Wing Lam Kung Fu School, Sunnyvale, CA
  219. Wong Chinese Boxing Association, Washington, D.C.
  220. Wong Sheng Hung Fut Kung Fu Club in Canada
  221. Wu Gar Martial Arts & Lion Dance Team, NY
  222. Wu Mei Kung Fu Association, NY
  223. Wu Tao Kwoon Kung Fu Associazione Culturale, Italy
  224. Wu Yi Martial Arts, Edmonton, Alberta Canada
  225. Y.C. Wong Kung Fu Studio, San Francisco, CA/Oakland, CA
  226. Yau Kung Moon , San Francisco, CA/Los Angeles, CA
  227. Yau Kung Moon Shea Bing Cheong Sport Accocation in Hong Kong
  228. Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy Lion Dance Team in NY and NJ
  229. Yee's Martial Arts Academy, Hercules, CA
  230. Yellow Dragon International, London, England
  231. Ying Hung Athletics Association, Oakland, CA
  232. Ying Jow Pai Shaolin School, Rancho Santa Margarita CA
  233. Yu Hua Kajang Lion Dance Club, Selangor, West Malaysia
  234. Yun Yee Tong Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe, Northern CA
  235. Zhong Yi Awakened Lion Troupe in WI

Note: Every attempt was made to insure the contact information of these groups is current and up to date. If the information is incorrect or if you have updated information, please contact me here as soon as possible.

If you use a group on this list for your event, email me and let me know how it goes--I'd love to hear your story!
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